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Sextorso scam attacks websites and invoice R $ 440 thousand | Security

A new sextape scam targets famous blogging and blogging platforms to attract victims. According to information released by the website Bleeping Computer on Monday (28), scammers have hacked WordPress and Blogger addresses to create posts stating that the blogger's computer was hacked and that the user was recorded watching porn movies, as usual in those types of scams. The scam has already earned more than $ 110,000 dollars (about $ 440,000, in direct conversion) to criminals.

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As with e-mail scamming, scammers demand payment of a bitcoin ransom in order not to disclose the victim's alleged intimate videos on the Internet. The difference that in this case, the hacking of the blog account makes the threats much more convincing. This is because the post publication proves that some, in fact, obtained platform access. The victim is then tricked into thinking that his computer has been hacked equally.

Sextorso Blow Applied on Blogger Photo: Reproduction / Bleeping ComputerSextorso Blow Applied on Blogger Photo: Reproduction / Bleeping Computer

Sextorso Blow Applied on Blogger Photo: Reproduction / Bleeping Computer

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While it is not yet known how criminals have been able to gain access to users' account, it is believed that the breach comes from credential stuffing attacks, the technique of using stolen credentials on services other than those in which they were obtained.

According to data from the Bleeping Computer website, over 1,500 Blogger accounts have been hacked. In WordPress, in turn, were about 200 invasions. From the three addresses of bitcoin wallets reported in the posts, the specialized portal found that scammers earned more than $ 110 (about $ 440,000, in direct conversion) with the scheme.

As with this hacking of accounts made from leaked credentials, it is important that the user use unique passwords for each site. To further protect against hacking, it is also recommended to create strong codes with more than nine characters and combinations of letters, numbers and special characters.

Another valid tip to avoid falling into six-way scams is to make sure your computer or phone is always up-to-date with antivirus, which reduces the chances of hackers accessing the webcam remotely. It is also worth keeping the camera off or covered when not in use.

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