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If you are one of those sports enthusiasts who are very unconventional and generally practiced in the mountains – we mean here snow skiing, climbing, hiking – you should already be familiar with the following situation: you are admiring the beautiful landscape to your around and you begin to realize that there are many mountain peaks around you. If you are hiking in the Alps, for example, this situation will be quite common. You have heard of Mont Blanc and that, coincidentally, you are right next to him, but you cannot tell precisely which of the peaks he has observed in his moment of contemplation of nature. And, when it comes to an assembly trip, you prefer not to carry maps. What to do to find out about the surrounding geography?

For there is an application whose main purpose is to provide a map with comprehensive view of most of the mountain ranges in Europe. Your name: PeakFinder Alps. If you are a true mountain sports enthusiast, it is worth reading the review by our team.

Functions & Usage

What is the name of these mountains?PeakFinder Alps is a super useful app, regardless of whether you are interested in knowing the names of all the peaks around you or if you just want or need help with orienteering.

Peak names are listed and a map helps you associate the mountains represented on the screen with the real ones.

Choose a location: it could be your current location or any other you wantChoose a location to see the panorama:

  • Your current location (just left click)
  • Choose any other location

Choosing a position can be done in two ways: By tapping the screen, a crosshair and red dots appear and mark the peaks. By intersecting one of the red dots with the crosshair, some information about the peak will be shown, as well as a button shaped like a little man. By clicking on the latter, you can go straight to the mountain peak. And with the magnifying glass at the top left of the screen, you can access a menu where you can get more information about the peak in question and those nearby. This is where the position can also be set.

Mountain Peaks InformationPeakFinder shows us several facts related to each of the peaks at the bottom of the screen:

Mountain Peak NamePasMountain Altitude via N.N.Distance according to selected locationExact location in latitude and longitude

We will say that such information is not sufficient for all kinds of tastes and demands. Maybe for those who are just doing conventional tourism, they will suffice. But for those interested in rock climbing, information such as the local weather and mountain shelters would undoubtedly be very valuable.

Details of all alpine peaksPeakFinder Alps already says it all in your name. This is an app about alpine mountain peaks. Information from the following countries is included:


No additional roaming charges PeakFinder Alps loads all your maps and related material onto the SD card right after it is installed. The graphics in the app are kept to a minimum so that all of its contents comprise 35 MB.

Once all other data has been mapped and saved to your device, you do not have to connect to the Internet to access it. And this not only means that you will not have additional roaming costs, but also that you will not be surprised by slow down issues or even lack of signal to have internet connection.

Conclusion:PeakFinder Alps is a great app for those who want an overview of the Alps. We do not think, however, that the information on the mountain peaks is sufficient. The problem is that as the application works very well offline, a lot of information could compromise this smooth operation. Da, the Internet would be the solution. But considering that being in the middle of mountains can also mean no signal to the Internet, this becomes unworkable. Perhaps a better developer solution to this problem is to make PeakFinder the best app in the business.

is a wonderful app for anyone looking to get an overview of the Alps. That said, I would like to see more information about the individual mountains, although I realize that this would be contingent on a stable internet connection, meaning the app could not function offline any longer (could Cache be an option?)

Screen & Controls

PeakFinder Alps panoramas are reduced to the most basic and essential level possible, which is not bad either. This makes the application no larger than 35MB. With this, your maps are loaded at the speed of light.

Application controls are super easy to manage, as well as intuitive. A panorama can be moved manually or even using a compass feature, which makes the panorama to be automatically adapted to the direction you are directing your device.

Speed ??& Stability

As we said earlier, PeakFinder Alps has impeccable performance and speed. The application did not fail any of the tests it passed.

Price / Performance Ratio

PeakFinder Alps costs 2.00 and can be purchased from both the Android Market and the AndroidPIT App Center.

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