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My School SP Application – What is it? Functions, Benefits and How to Use!

The Minha Escola SP app aims to make life easier for parents and improve school management. Through the app you can track student performance as well as frequency. Parents and students can also check the class schedule and still have the digital version of the student ID.

Understand what the My School SP app is for, see how it works, and how to download it to your smartphone.

My School SP APP

What is the My School SP app for?

The purpose of the application is to improve school management and make life easier for parents, especially during enrollment. With the app, parents can pre-register on their mobile phone. And, only after confirmation of the vacancy, go to school with the documents in hand to finish the registration.

Works for students enrolled in state schools in SP. Teachers and school will enter the information on the network and parents / guardians or students will be able to view it in the app.

The Minha Escola SP app has several functions. Among them, offer all school information such as phone, email and the current principal. About the student, there are personal data such as address, telephone and photo. It also shows your registration history, class schedule, grades, attendance, and school calendar (with holidays, exam dates, etc.). There is a possibility to download the PDF newsletter.

The app allows the student to evaluate the school's nutrition. Also, besides the note the student can leave a message with more details or even with suggestions for improvements.

Another function of the digital student ID app. In the menu there is the option "Wallet". The student must click on it and send their photo to make the digital ID card. The chosen photo will pass an approval and finally the card will be displayed.

The Minha Escola SP app was recently launched in 2019. Although it is already useful, it may still have some flaws, which will be corrected as soon as possible.

How it works?

My School SP APP

To use the Minha Escola SP app, you will need some data and information. You can log in as Student or Responsible.

To login as a student, please have RA. Click on the option ?student? and then enter the document number. The initial password is the date of birth without dashes. For example, if the student was born on 24/04/2006, the initial password would be: 24042006.

If you are responsible for the student, click on the ?Responsible? option to enter the login details. If you have not yet registered in the app, know that the login will be the number of your ID with the digit + UF or RG. Example: rg123456789sp. The password will be the CPF number without dashes. If your ID does not have a digit, replace it with the letter X.

Remember: To log in as responsible, use the responsible documents.

If you have more than one child, you can use the app to keep up with everyone. Just tap the student name to see the list with the student's name.

Rating: pros and cons

According to the app's users, a great opportunity to facilitate student tracking. However, there are some complaints about the functionality of the app, stating that the app crashes.

Some students also report that the app crashes while trying to download the newsletter. In addition, there are complaints about the same error with re-filing.

Despite the complaints, on Google Play the rating of the app My School SP 4.6. J on the App Store the grade of only 2.1.

How much does My School SP cost?

The totally free My School SP app for both Android and iOS devices.

All functions are also free, be it registration, re-registration or the download of the newsletter and frequency.

My School SP APP

How to download?

The My School SP app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS users. Or in the Play Store for those with an Android smartphone. To download, go to your mobile store and type in the search My School SP. Find the application developed by PRODESP – Cia de Proc. State Data Center, click Install and wait for it to complete.

Then just log in, as explained earlier in that same article.

download from apple store

download from play store