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McDonald’s App – How Does It Work? What is it for? Worth it?

Following the trend of other fast food chains, the McDonalds App's main function is to offer discounts on various products. With it, you can buy snacks in the network restaurants with greater economy.

As one of the largest fast food chains in the world, McDonalds has increasingly lost market share to competitors. Already widely known to everyone, the brand needs to use other means to innovate and stay present in people's daily lives. Using the App is a way to attract customers with exclusive offers, using technology market trends.

Increasingly, companies are looking to build apps to get closer to customers and curb the loss of space for smaller restaurants and networks that use Apps like iFood, for example.

By creating an app of its own, McDonalds can reach a lot of people who value the well-known brand but want some differentiation.

Learn all about the McDonalds App and the advantages of using the app from this fast food chain.

How does the McDonalds App work?

McDonald's App - How Does It Work? What is it for? Worth it?

By installing the app, the customer logs in and can select some offers by clicking on coupons. When selecting the offer, an alphanumeric code will be generated, accompanied by a QR Code, which must be presented in one of the participating restaurants.

The app also has a session with nutritional information of all McDonalds products, where you can view the nutritional table of each of them. In addition, the App has a session telling you where to locate network restaurants.

What is the McDonalds App for?

The app mainly serves to get discounts on McDonalds products. The person who uses the App can have many more advantages when buying snacks in the fast food chain, in addition to the benefit of receiving alerts when new promotions arise.

Is it worth installing the app?

This is the kind of application that is very specific and can easily be deleted on a mobile wipe to increase storage space. Although it occupies little space, it does not have much functionality.

Thinking about the exclusive offers, it is worth installing before you go to a McDonalds restaurant, because you can save on buying products. Hardly anyone who is going to eat at a fast food network will think a lot about the nutritional information of the products purchased, so this app function more to give a plus.

The fact that the person has to log in and click to request one of the offers plus a red tape for using the App, however, is good for McDonalds as it helps in collecting data.

The function of finding a nearest restaurant is useful when the person is traveling and is not familiar with the region, and in addition to finding the nearest chain restaurant, can save money on buying the meal.

McDonalds App Final Review

McDonald's App - How Does It Work? What is it for? Worth it?

It is very useful to know about the existence of the application, but it is not necessary to always have it installed on the mobile. If you are inside the mall and decide to eat at a McDonalds, it will definitely pay off to install and enjoy the exclusive offers.

Although the function of locating a nearby restaurant is useful, one could easily find a McDonalds using Google Maps or another location application already installed on the phone.

The function of viewing nutrition information seems to be more of a reminder of the immense amount of calories you will eat when eating a snack, rather than an attraction to go to a McDonalds restaurant.

Comparing with the app of McDonalds' main competitor, Burger King, the McDonalds app is lacking in practicality. In the case of the BK app, just click on the offer and present in the restaurant cashier to receive the discount, with no need to login.

This does not seem to be an app to always have on a mobile phone unless the person is very fond of McDonalds and / or closer to a chain restaurant, frequently consuming these products.