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Huawei and Oppo promise to bring news to the future in the smartwatch market

Two interesting news for the smart watches recently emerged involving two of China's largest smartphone companies.

Starting with Huawei: The manufacturer recently unveiled its new operating system, the HarmonyOS, which comes as an alternative to Android and aims to be an option for a flexible mobile system that is adaptable to different devices.


System focuses on flexibility to work on different device types

On the smartwatch side, Huawei had been equipping its gadgets with the Light OS (Watch OS) and the Wear os (Watch 2 and Watch 2 Pro), however, the company was facing problems and complaints with the use of these systems, mainly in the matter of support.

To get around this, Chinese manufacturer would already be planning to bring HarmonyOS to their future smartwatchs. With Wear OS down, it would be an ideal time for Huawei to test the flexibility and connectivity of its new system with other devices.

Oppo has been working to enter the smartwatch market

The other news involves the Oppo, which currently operates only in the area of ??smartphones, but will soon expand its operations. In a post on the Chinese social network Weibo, the company's vice president Shen Yiren confirmed that Oppo has been working hard to launch its first smart watch sometime in 2020.

Image credits – Weibo / GSMArena

Yiren revealed that the company's new smartwatch adopts the rectangular shapeInstead of the traditional circular shape, which he said is meant to house more information on the screen.

In addition, Oppo would also be working on a noise canceling wireless headset, which should be announced and released this year.

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