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Google hires former Microsoft Office boss for its office suite

Important figure for the Microsoft Office team hired to work on Google G Suite.

Google hires a former Microsoft executive to lead the G Suite, and demonstrates that he is not kidding and faces Microsoft Office, fostering competition.


When it comes to office, commonly the first alternative to mention is the famous Microsoft Office. However, we have, like: I have to create a slideshow replaced by: I have to create a PowerPoint. I worked for a while doing computer maintenance in a radio and some schools, and I always listened to something like that.

Check below 6 alternatives to MS Office.

Undoubtedly Microsoft is very strong in the corporate and student sectors, however, Google Chromebooks are gaining this market. Currently G Suite, the company's alternative to Microsoft Office / Office 365, already supplies a large portion of users. Perhaps in countries such as Brazil, which does not have a very high quality internet, its adoption is not as massive as other countries.

Reinforcing the G Suite Team

To bridge the gap between G Suite and Microsoft Office, the former head of Office software and productivity strategy, Javier Soltero was hired. But is it worth Arnaldo? Of course, it's worth it! Considering the curriculum and all the involvement in projects that Javier had at MS, we can say that the choice was more than right.


Javier Soltero as a Microsoft executive – Wikimedia Commons

The former MS executive joined the company in 2014 as Redmond Giant acquired mobile email startup Acompli. In this period Javier was the CEO of the startup, which he co-founded. Thanks to this purchase, the Acompli app became the version of Outlook for iOS and Android. So he becomes the leader of Outlook on all platforms, and last March helped implement Cortana (Microsoft digital assistant) features in Office 365. However, after reorganizing its Microsoft Office division, Javier Soltero was dismissed.

g-suite-office-ms-microsoft-google-documents-slideshow-spreadsheets-students-corporate-commercial-mobile-android-ios-email With extensive experience and familiarity with projects such as MS Office and Cortana, Google hires the technology veteran to work in areas of his domain. Being now responsible for overseeing G Suite, managing Google's productivity and collaboration tools for the enterprise. Remembering that G Suite applications that have free versions are offered to corporate customers through monthly fees (recently received payment in Real). Of course, extra features are offered such as better business email, unlimited storage space, better teamwork and collaboration infrastructure, and more. Incidentally, if you do not know the G Suite supports Microsoft Office files.

See this video because we use Google Docs on Diolinux.

One thing to note is that Javier can somehow contribute to a similar integration between Google's personal assistant and his office apps, as he has done in the past when working for Microsoft. Another detail is the improvement of mobile applications, I work daily with some and I know of several deficiencies and difficulties that some prevent their usability. I hope that with this important addition, the company's tools can evolve further and benefit its users. Both corporate and common.

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