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Google DUO – Meet the Google Video App. Is it better than Skype?

To compete with Skype and other video calling apps, Google launched in mid-2016 the Google Duo, which works on mobile devices running Android OS, you need to have your version 4.1 or higher. Your bet will work even on slower Internet connections.because it can regulate the quality of the video according to the speed of the connection.

Google Duo

In addition, Google DUO answers, exclusively, at video calls, not even just accepted audio. Other differential is due to the caller's image appearing before the user answers or, the same is not the other way around. This feature is the Knock Knock and only appears the image of who is already registered in the phone contacts.

How Google DUO Works

J to use the new video call App, I don't need a Google account, just a mobile number – and after downloading the app from the Play Store web store and installing it, I need to enter the phone number for an SMS to be sent, so the user can enjoy the app .

Even though you can install the App on more than one phone, you still can't keep two devices logged in on the same user. Also, the technology used to develop the application uses encryption, to not allow anyone to access the content of the called video.

Google Duo2

Google DUO also resembles other Apps, in some ways, such as possibility of the user blocking those who do not want to attend. To do so, I only need to enter the number in the blocked list, within the settings.

Google DUO Features

Google DUO has a simple interface, allowing each call to be made with just one touch. As already said, the App has the Knock Knock function, which is for viewing the image of the caller before accepting or not the call. Even though it's a cross-platform app from Google, it works, too, on iOS operating system.

Google DUO Reviews

There are a lot of reviews about Google DUO, which are generally good, although some people report various issues, such as connection issues, or that the App doesn't work well for contact issues and others. There were users who criticized the poor quality of video, which has many cuts. However, this unnime complaint, which means that the image quality may be associated with each user's internet connection.

Google DUO app

better than Skype?

For some users, the comparison may be unfair, after all, Skype is a traditional Internet application that has not only been around for many years, but has also become quite popular, with many functions that Google DUO does not offer. In general, Google DUO has a very satisfactory video and sound quality.

On the other hand, some users complain about Skype's simplistic look, especially after it was acquired by Microsoft a few years ago. Also critical is the complexity of the contacts, as the search for them and the acceptance of pending requests are unintuitive.

J Google DUO resembles Skype for its simplistic look, which can be seen as a plus for users who like practicality. The main difference is that it has a menu that displays recent calls, a function that can be useful to give dynamism to calls. But unlike other Apps, including Skype, it Cannot be used on computers.

Another factor that distinguishes them by require a telephone number for registration, and Skype only requests one email. In addition, the Microsoft application has audio calling, emoji text sending, as well as sending audio files, videos, images and capturing photos and videos directly from the application.

In addition, Skype has the features of personalized notifications and group video calling. That is, it offers several functions that do not exist in Google DUO. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Google DUO loses to Skype. After all, for whom these extra functions are irrelevant, the focus and simplicity of the new Google app may suffice.