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Find out how to send message on WhatsApp without saving contact                             Sending a message on WhatsApp without saving the contact is possible through a browser service feature called One-Click Chat. The feature works on both the computer and …

Send message on WhatsApp without saving possible contact via browser service functionality called One Click Conversation. The feature works on both your computer and Android and iOS devices.

To use it you will need to have a valid phone number linked to WhatsApp and the messenger app installed on your smartphone.

How to send message without saving contact by browser on PC or mobile

The following procedure can be performed through any browser, either by computer or by an Android or iOS (iPhone) smartphone.

1. Open the browser of your choice. Copy link and paste in the navigation bar;

2. Complete the address after the last slash (/) by entering the phone number with the country and city code. I do not need to use zeros before DDD or non-numeric characters such as dashes, parentheses, more, etc .;

  • For example, if your Rio de Janeiro telephone number, the address must be completed as follows: In this case, 55 The phone code of Brazil, 21 The DDD from RJ and 1234-5678, The phone number.

3 Hit Enter or the arrow to follow to start the conversation. The following screen appears:

Send WhatsApp message without adding contact

4 Then go on Message. If the number is correct, a dialog window will open. On the smartphone, the open conversation in the WhatsApp app. On your computer, you need to log in to use WhatsApp Web and start chatting.

The person does not answer me. Am I blocked?

If the other person does not have you in your contact list, they may not be able to reply to your message. Or even block your contact.

To prevent this from happening, the ideal should already be presented in the first message, indicating how you got the number and where you know it from. If you still get no answer, it may even have been blocked.

According to WhatsApp, the main signs that someone may have blocked you are:

  • Unable to see information about Last seen;
  • Not seeing the new user profile photos;
  • Sent messages always display one tick and never two. This means that the content has been sent but not delivered. That is, that came out of your device, but did not reach the other person;
  • Calls made by WhatsApp to this contact are not completed.

The resource One Click Conversation It can also be used for other functions, such as easily placing the WhatsApp link on Instagram. Are you in doubt about which messenger to use? Then find out which app is the safest between WhatsApp or Telegram!

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Journalist graduated from UFRJ, writes about technology for seven years. Carioca currently lives in Portugal, the country he adopted. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, reading, watching movies, and doing series marathons. Instagram is her favorite social network, but WhatsApp saves her from missing those who stayed in Brazil.