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Draw Apps – Check Out Our Best Selection

Drawing apps have been the brain of anyone who likes to draw, after all, having an idea or thinking doesn't always have pencils and paper around. These apps are also cool for those who like to draw, but don't have many techniques for it. In times when everyday is becoming more technological, apps for iOS and Android are great for those who want to draw on mobile.

This type of application has several possibilities to stimulate your imagination with many colors and brushes. If you're looking for design app recommendations you've come to the right place, we've prepared a list of the best:

1 – Free Draw

Free Draw is quite simple and intuitive to draw. It offers a range of colors for you to unleash your imagination or even for those moments that you need to make a note of, but have no pen and paper around.

The difference for this application is that after finishing the creation of the drawing it is possible to share the art on Twitter, Facebook and by email to show to friends.


2 – Paper

Paper has a set of basic brushes and tools suitable for five functions: Color, Outline, Draw, Write and Sketh. The color palette is also sufficient to create and set thoughts free.

The difference of this application is that you can choose templates and continue the drawings, it is not necessary to start creating from scratch.

Compatibility: iOS

3 – FingerColors

FingerColors are easy to use and serve for both drawing and painting. With it you can open the canvas just in the drawing to maintain concentration without being disturbed by the toolboxes and menus.

Compatibility: Android

4 – Draw!

The Draw! It's a little more limited app, ideal for making quick notes or for letting children draw and play. When you open the white screen ready for the beginning of the drawing appears. It is used more for hobby than for artistic activity itself.

Compatibility: Android

5 – Sketchbook Express

This app is a simplified and free version of Sketchbook Pro. This version has tools for those who want to venture into professional drawing such as layers, grid to draw, pencils and brushes. It allows you to save the drawing to your mobile phone and then share it on social networks.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

6 – Color & Draw for Kids

This app is designed with children in mind, but adults can also enjoy the fun. Features allow drawing creation and painting. For children who do not have motor coordination to draw, you can choose from 50 drawings ready to color. The differential of Color & Draw for Kids is the possibility to choose between white or black canvas to draw.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

7 – How to Draw: CartoonCharacter

This app is ideal for those who want to learn the first steps to create quality designs. He brings lessons for you to learn how to draw various famous characters teaching all the details. With it you will learn how to draw Wolverine, Pokmon, SpongeBob, Mickey and many others.


8 – KidsDoodle

The ideal KidsDoodle for kids. There are fifteen types of brushes to encourage the imagination of little ones. The cool thing about this application is that the traces come out with different colors and you can't control the tool, so the final art is a surprise for those who are drawing.


9 – Paint Pro

Paint Pro guarantees fun for adults and children. In addition to the basic drawing and painting tools it is possible to insert effects and textures into the art. It allows you to erase some parts of the drawing and redo the way you want.

In the tab Kids has the simplified version for children, in it the color of the stroke changes automatically during drawing. In this mode only sliding the finger over the screen and letting the imagination flow, the colors appear in the traces when you take the finger off the screen.


Did you like our tips? Know a cool drawing app that wasn't listed here? Leave your comment.