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Check out the 12 best extensions for Google Chrome in 2019                             Google Chrome has a number of programs that make it easy to navigate and perform actions in the browser. Extensions can help with productivity, security, and even …

Google Chrome has a number of programs that make it easy to navigate and perform actions in the browser. Extensions can help with productivity, safety and even gaining social media followers. AppGeek brought together the top 12 extensions for Chrome in 2019.

Also called adds-on or plugins, these applications add new functionality to the native features of browser. They are available from the official Chrome Web Store. To add an extension, just go to your app store page, click Add to Chrome.

The store offers a variety of categories such as miscellaneous, photos, developer tools and productivity. There are also app options to improve communication, make purchases, administer blogs, facilitate searches, and more.

Check out the list of the best extensions for Google Chrome in 2019.

1. Fair AdBlocker

That adblocker promises to block ads, pop ups, malware and even the ads that appear before videos on YouTube. Fair AdBlocker also offers preference tracking done by search engines, Facebook and email.

Once the program is downloaded, the user is directed to a settings page. To disable each item, simply activate the key related to each of the options presented and confirm at Save settings.

Fair adblocker

If you wish to change any of the choices later, just click the extension icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. There you can configure the add-on to block pop ups and select elements of the page you're browsing that you don't want to view.

During testing, YouTube video ads were indeed blocked as promised. They also disappeared from the browsed sites. The only exception was Google-sponsored search results, but they only appear at the top of the screen and are clearly indicated as paid items.

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2. RiteTag

Want to gain more followers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social network? RiteTag can help. The extensive aid in choosing the best hashtags for images and texts to be published.

To check which hashtag use, you must be logged in to your service account. Then right-click on the selected image or text and go to Generate hashtags.


At tags appear with a kind of subtitle. In green are those that should be worn by those who want to be seen at the moment. Already in blue are for those who want to be located long term.

The red sign indicates that the term will not be used because it will disappear in the crowd and gray to never use because almost no one follows.

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3. Convertio

Who has never needed to convert a file to a different format? Convertio promises support for over 2,500 extension types, such as PDF to JPG or MP4 to MP3. To use, just download and click on the app icon in the upper right corner of the browser.

In the menu, options such as video converter, audio, file, presentation and image are available. You can also choose font, document and eBook converter.


Click on what you need and you will be automatically directed to the section of the site that offers the desired service. Then upload the file, select the format you need to convert to, and click To convert.

Then just download the content or save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

4. Click & Clean

Browsing the internet does not seem to flow well. The sites are slow to load or do not enter at all. One possible cause of this is that the browser has full cache memory.

To be clear, the browser saves some site information in cache and cookies. This data is used to expedite access next time by using already known preferences, passwords, and images.

Click & Clean

According to Google itself, by clearing this data, it is possible to correct some errors, such as problems with loading or formatting a site. Chrome even offers the option to delete this story, but Click & Clean, as its name suggests, eases the procedure.

Just install, click on the program icon and choose Cache or Cookies. But not only that, the app is quite complete and offers other features. You can also clear your browsing history and list of downloads, as well as choose to close the browser safely.

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5. Save to Facebook

Extensive Facebook official for Chrome, Save to Facebook lets you save any website to read later via the social network. To do this, simply download the app and then click on the bookmark icon when you want to save a site.

Save to Facebook

All items are gathered in section Saved, found in the left side menu of the Facebook homepage. That simple.

6. Print Friendly & PDF

Printing a web page may not be as simple as it sounds. After all, along with the desired content can come comments, social network icons, related stories, advertising, among others.

Print Friendly & PDF promises the removal of all these items for less wasteful ink and of course paper printing. Again, just click on the extension icon after accessing the page you want to print.

Print Friendly

Automatically displayed in a new window containing only the main content. You can also edit this material, excluding images and paragraphs, as well as increasing or decreasing the size of text and photos.

The app also lets you save the page in, say, leaner format as a PDF and email it to anyone you want.

7. GIPHY for Chrome

GIF animations have turned fever into messengers, social networks and even emails. Anyone with the format needs to have the Giphy site extension installed on Chrome.

GIPHY for Chrome

Giphy for Chrome gives you quick access to a vast library of short videos that promise to make your posts or posts more fun. When you access the app icon, the most popular pictures are displayed.

But you can also search by keyword or check the predefined sections. Then just click on the image and drag it to the chat window or social network post you want to share.

8. Web for Instagram

Web for Instagram is an unofficial extension that lets you access the social network through your browser, as if you were in the smartphone app. The plugin ensures not only viewing friends' posts, but also liking and commenting on photos and videos.

Web for Instagram

You can make your posts and stories and even add people. What's more, in addition to seeing, the app lets you download third-party stories without them knowing. Another extra feature is the night view, which also does not exist in the official app.

9. Email Tracking for Gmail – Mailtrack

Social networks and messengers have made us unaccustomed and we created the need to always know if a sent message was received or read. But natively, most email services do not offer this functionality.

Email Tracking for Gmail - Mailtrack

For this, there is Email Tracking for Gmail – Mailtrack. Once you download the app, you need to authorize your access to your Gmail account. Then, s continue to use the email normally.

After you submit, simply go to the box of items sent. If the message has reached the receiver, a check mark next to the name is green. When the content is displayed, both check signals turn green. The icons are also displayed in the sent message itself.

10. OneTab

Is it the kind that opens several tabs at the same time when it's on the internet? And of course, with that, the navigation slows down. OneTab promises the solution to problems by bringing all open websites together in a single tab.


According to the developers, the extension reduces memory consumption by up to 95%, as well as organizing the contents. To make the magic happen, just click on the program icon in the upper right corner of the browser.

When you want to go to any of the sites in the list, click on it and open it in a new tab.

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11. Google Translate

The extensive Google Translate can be of great help to those learning a new language. The app translates an entire site, retaining the format, just by pasting the link. There is also the option of translating every page you are browsing.

Google Translate

Also, when selecting a text, the translator icon appears on the screen. Clicking on it opens a window with the translation, without having to leave the page. Simple, practical and effective.

12. StayFocusd

Extensive StayFocusd promises to help those who often spend hours doing nothing productive on the Internet – when they should be working or studying. The app restricts the amount of time you can spend on certain websites.


The user can add pages to the blocked list and set how long per day is allowed to remain on them. There is also the less radical option of prohibiting access to services for a specified number of hours only.

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Are there extensions for Chrome for Android?

Chrome for Android is not natively compatible with extensions, as in its PC version. However, some developers create Android app versions of these. adds-on.

So to use them, just browse them in the Play Store and download them like any other app.

Am I at risk installing Chrome extensions?

In a February 2019 survey, software company Duo found that 85% of Chrome's apps and extensions have no privacy policy. Thus, they do not assure their users the security and the use of their personal data.

According to the survey, 35% of the 120,000 apps analyzed are able to read the data on any site the user visits. In addition, 77% of them do not even have a support page.

The main tip to avoid trapping is to be aware of the permissions given to these programs. In addition, tools such as Duo's CRXcavator scan extension links and indicate whether they are safe or not.

It is worth noting that Google has been investing in measures to make the Chrome Web Store safer for its users. The company has already banned the installation of apps from outside the app store and has created new rules to improve privacy and security.

And if you still want more from your browser, find out how to turn on dark mode in Google Chrome and rest your view. But you don't want to use Chrome anymore? So check out our list of the best and safest browsers of 2019.