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5 Apps Every Wine Lover Must Have

Check out a selection of apps that help identify labels and make life easier for drinkers.

Faced with so many options available in supermarkets, shops and specialist websites, even the most seasoned wine lovers can get lost. right now, that smartphone apps come in putting everything in the palm of your hand.

There are several options available for iPhone and Android. And they offer the most diverse label evaluation and rating functions to matching suggestions and prices that help you choose a label at the grocery store or get your dinner selection right.

Mobile phones by hand? Then enjoy the selection of apps we have prepared for you.

Vivino: Buying the right wine

Vivino: Buy the right wine (AppStore Link) Developer: Vivino ApSCompatibility: (iPhone) (iPad in 2x mode) Category: Food & Drink ?ShoppingPrice: Free Very well known and popular, Vivino has about 19 million active users. With it just take a photo of the label with the camera of your mobile phone to receive information about the composition of the wine, its origin, harmonization and evaluation of other users.

With a database of 500,000 labels and 15,000 links, the app brings convenience and practicality. In the rush hour, in the middle of a store or even on the internet, you can make the right choice and still have opinions of those who have tasted. But if you are going out to dinner, take a picture of the wine list and see the classification and analysis of Wines

Free Vivino is available for Android and iPhone.

Hello Vino: Wine Assistant

Hello Vino: Wine Assistant (AppStore Link) This app suitable for beginners. It helps the user to choose the right wine according to different factors. You inform what you are looking for and the app offers information about flavors, foods with which it harmonizes and even the region where it was produced. After choosing the ideal wine, just save it to your shopping list.

The app is available for free for iPhone and Android.

Delectable – Scan & Rate Wine

Delectable - Scan & Rate Wine (AppStore Link) A sensational app lets you take a photo of the label and it displays information about the wine, user reviews, tasting notes and a place to buy yours.

For quick identification, it has a massive wine database. Within seconds, Deletable can identify photos of the wines of interest, including name, grape variety, region and price, even for a brand new Tasmanian pinot noir and an obscure Hungarian sargamuskotaly.

Free for iPhone and Android.

WineRatings + by Wine Spectator

WineRatings + by Wine Spectator (AppStore Link) Launched by Wine Spectator magazine, this app gathers information about wines from over fifty wine producing regions in the world and helps the user to compare labels. In addition to tips on which wine to choose for each occasion, the app also provides maps with the location of the wine cellars and the ideal time to open the bottles stored in the cellar.

Free, available for iPhone and Android.


Wine-Searcher (AppStore Link) The database of this jaw-dropping app. That's 8 million labels. The app offers the ability to recognize the label with the device camera. General data on each label is cataloged, including price, reviews and where to buy.

Free app on iPhone.

Trivia about wine

Wine is one of the most appreciated beverages in the world and its health benefits are often publicized. We list some curiosities:

The popularity of wine

Many people relate the price of wine to its quality. But that is not true. The value of a bottle of wine may vary due to: the producer, the location, the dollar price and even awards.

In blind tastings, made by sommeliers from around the world, it is common for wines with more affordable prices to be well evaluated.

Stopper or thread

The best bottles are usually closed with corks. The corks allow the wine to breathe and to age properly.

Not all wine should age

Not all wines get tastier over time. Whites, for example, are produced for immediate consumption or for a maximum of three years. Red wines can be consumed within five years. But great wines are stored and aged to evolve over time.

Aroma or bouquet

According to sommeliers, the bouquet refers to the smell of aged wine, and the aroma refers to the smell of young wine.

Enlogo, Enphilo and Sommelier understand what each one does

The fascinating world of wines. Among those involved in this universe are three characters: the dialogue, the riff and the sommelier. Know what each one does.

LOGOHe is the professional responsible from wine production to the post-harvest process. Usually graduated in agronomy.

RowingThey are all wine lovers who seek knowledge on the subject by attending wine meetings. They have no formation in the area.

Sommelierthat specialist who works in restaurants, bars and shops in the sector. Have in-depth knowledge of the subject.

At home or away from it, take advantage of wine apps

When we are at the convenience of our home, it is common to venture into the kitchen, make that risotto or a beautiful pasta. And when it comes to choosing the wine that will harmonize with the food, we already know that we have several application options to help with this search.

To have a perfect dinner, just get all the information and choose the right wine.

Then buy your wine online and taste alongside a good company.

But, not only at home that these applications are useful. The wine lover also enjoys traveling, visiting new places and new flavors. This is when having one or more of these apps on your smartphone is very useful to make the right choice in the chosen restaurant.

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