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Steam Sale: 10 Tips To Get Games For The Best Price

If you like to play on the computer, you may have heard of or even used Steam – Valve's store and platform that has one of the largest game libraries available online. At Steam, you can find games of essentially every genre and even some software that is not necessarily playful. However, with so many options available it is important to be careful with the portfolio. To help you get games at the best price and enjoy Steam Sale – the huge discounts released by the platform itself – we've brought you 10 tips, check it out!

1. Register games to your wishlist

To get you started, the best tip we can give about how to make the most of all Steam Sale add the game to your wish list. The wish list, as its name suggests, is a simple way to keep track of all the games you have any intention of buying, so that whenever it goes on sale you will be notified directly by email.

Make it simple. Open the game page of interest to Steam and then below the game photos and videos click the button+ Wishlist as shown in the image below.


2. Follow the game on your account

Another way to catch up on your game is to discover lightning promotions and Steam Sales by following the game on your profile. This can be done as shown above, but this time by clicking the button.follow next to the add wishlist button.

Doing so will make you see all the new publications available onfeed from the Steam community, which can be accessed by clicking the horizontal menu at the top of the button.Community and selectinghome page in the menu that appears.

3. Get to know the top Steam Sale of the year

Also, it is important to note that there are some Steam Sale that happen with recurrence annually. So, similar to Black Friday (which also brings discounts at Valve's store), these are periods worth watching. The main Steam Sale takes place in:

  • Spring Steam Sale: It didn't happen in 2019, but it already happened next to May;
  • Summer Steam Sale: usually between June and July;
  • Halloween Steam Sale: usually during the month of October;
  • Black Friday Steam Sale: Usually starts on Wednesday in Black Friday week in November;
  • Winter Steam Sale: Usually starts in mid-December.

It is worth mentioning that the stations are based in the northern hemisphere, that is, how it works in the United States and Europe, for example. None of these sales are guaranteed, but if you consider the promotions of previous years, they are extremely likely. Alternatively, you can also use this website which tries to predict when the next big promotion on the gaming platform will occur.

4. Check if the discount is really worth it

Apart from the big Steam Sale, you can still find discounted games often on the platform. One of the ways to do this is by going to the store homepage by clicking the button.Store at the top of the Steam panel and then scrolling down to the "special offers" window, as shown in the image below.

Special Offers on Steam Sale

However, note that not all games come with really significant discounts. Sometimes games can be up to 5% off, while in rarer cases they can be up to 90% off. Consider this, and if the game you want is not at a good discount this time around, it might be a good idea to wait until the next Steam Sale. In addition, sometimes you can enjoy free games by checking this panel.

5. Enjoy packages and share with friends

Another great way to get games for the best price on Steam through the packages. Often, multiplayer or co-op games offer the option of buying multiple game copies at the same time. In the image below, we demonstrate Hammerwatch, for example, which was not on sale but offers a 4-copy game package for a $ 50.99 purchase.

Purchase in package

The idea here is that you gather three other friends or colleagues who would also like to get the game to get a discount for buying in bundle. In case, if each one were to buy his own copy for R $ 16,99 the final value would be R $ 67,96. That is, it is really a huge advantage to do this kind of business, besides being more fun for you and friends.

By purchasing this way, the buyer will receive all copies in his inventory on Steam, where he can distribute to other accounts added his friend list.

6. Don't Explore Just the Home Page

Whenever a Steam Sale occurs or even when you're looking for promo games that aren't yet on your wishlist, don't just get stuck on Steam's homepage. Typically, the platform highlights various games from various genres (or from genres related to the games you have previously purchased).

However, this does not mean that there are no other games on sale, so abuse the search in the tool and find out if other titles have also been included in Steam Sale.

7. Sort Your Search With Filters

Whenever you want to browse promotional games to save money on your purchases, be sure to take advantage of the many filters Steam offers. On the store page, simply click the magnifying glass button indicated by the green arrow in the image below.

Steam Sale Filter Search

Here you have the option to search for games by genre markers such as RPG, Casual, Strategy, Action, Simulation or even custom markers, as well as the option to search by type of program, whether they are games, software, etc.

There are even filters for single player, multiplayer, online and of course you can use the menu indicated by the red arrow to sort them by relevance, price, release date, etc.

8. Sell on the Steam Community Market

Steam presents as one of its biggest differentials its Community Market, that is, a kind of market where its users can sell their own items or cards obtained while playing. Cards are obtained as part of Steam itself – certain games will reward you with random cards as you play them.

While items can be for example character appearances or customization options in games like Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, etc. This way you can sell these items to other users and add additional money for your Steam Sale purchases.

To do this, just click on your name in the top Steam menu and then select the option.Inventory. Here you will be able to see all purchased items separated by game. Not all can be sold, but at least steam cards definitely can. Then just select the item and click the button.Sell.

9. Use IsThereAnyDeal

Alternatively search for games directly from the Steam store, there is an alternative that can make everything easier. By accessing the IsThereAnyDeal website, you will know exactly whether or not there are any games on sale.

In addition, you also have the option to create your ownWait List, or Portuguese waiting list – which is similar to the Steam wish list. Visit the link above to learn more.

10. Enjoy the Humble Bundle

To finish our list of tips so you can save money and get games at the best price, we can't stop indicting the Humble Bundle. This is a site that often creates packages with various titles and games so that you buy them at a price significantly lower than the individual value of all items contained.

Humble bundle

To do this, sign up for free on the page and choose to purchase the packages directly or subscribe to the Humble Bundle itself. For game lovers who are always looking for new titles to play, it's really worth it.

Did you like our tips for Steam Sale?

Tell us in the comments if we can help you with our tips on saving so you can buy your favorite games on the Valve platform. Tell us in the comments what you think or even share with us if you know other ways to save!