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Paper Toss Awaken Michael Jordan Inside

What was done in the old days when office work started to get boring? Paper balls were thrown in the trash at a reasonable distance to at least create a challenging attitude. As if in an attempt to awaken an eternally hibernating Michael Jordan. But from here came the discourses on ecology and, consequently, the habit of reusing or recycling paper. The balls are no longer, at least for those who are wise and want to preserve our forests, a form of diversion. But the virtual world arrived shortly after the ecological discourse. And with that, smartphones, which resurrected the habit of throwing paper balls in the trash … virtually at least. How is this possible? With Paper Toss, a free Android app. Follow the analysis made for the app below.

Functions & Usage

At the outset, the application menu welcomes us with the following options:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Airport
  • Basement
  • Restroom

There is also a button to access the highest scores, which makes the menu in general a fairly simple menu. Almost "rudimentary". There is even a "papaya" button (to display the overall ranking) and an exit button. Finally, there is also a button to enable or disable the game sound.

Just like the old office game, the main objective here is to throw the paper ball into a trash can. And of course: hit her in the intended aim. But as you earn 3 points by throwing paper into boring trash, some fans are placed along the ball's path. This makes the goal of hitting the target a bit more difficult. And each of the fans produces wind in different directions and speeds. The game got more interesting, no? And to give you an idea of ??the effects produced by the fans, arrows indicate the direction and power of a fan determiner. Such information should be used so that you can estimate the trajectory and strength you should impress upon your release.

The different levels, listed above, present greater difficulties with respect to one particular issue: the distance between the player and the trash can. The levels related to the airport, the basement and the bathroom, besides presenting more difficulty, bring a different and pleasant design.


The concept behind Paper Toss may not be the coolest on the planet, but extremely well executed. The graphics and the game are nice and above all realistic. If you miss one of your releases, virtual colleagues shout things like, "Where did you learn to play?"

The only thing to be criticized is, as always, the invasive banner ads that sometimes make it difficult for you to see and keep you from having fun.

Screen & Controls

Paper Toss controls are simple and intuitive. You don't even have to read the game instructions to start throwing balls in the trash. The app developers worked hard to make the app very attractive. Returning to the main menu, for example, is quite interesting: just touch the notebook on your desk. Even on a 10 "tablet it is possible to play Paper Toss in an upright position, although the image may be a bit pixelated.

Speed ??& Stability

No issues were detected during our tests with Paper Toss. This is undoubtedly a reliable game!

Price / Performance Ratio

Paper Toss can be downloaded for free from our App Center. What makes it annoying, as always, is the ads the game contains. A paid version would not be all bad, gentlemen developers!

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