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Make your smartphone recognize what music is playing – Android

We tested the top two Android apps that promise to recognize which song is currently playing, Shazam and SoundHound, taking into account ease of use, responsiveness to find songs, interface and social networking integration.


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Put your phone in front of the stereo, radio and TV and it will simply offer all the data of the music you were playing at that time, including who sings, what albums are on, the full artist discography, music clips, lyrics and more.

Shazam, an application designed precisely to discover and inform you which music is currently playing in the environment and the most famous of its kind. I consider this app essential on any mobile device. The biggest advantage of it is that it is very simple to use, without much fuss the application delivers what it promises in just a few seconds and still gives detailed information about the music and the artist. There are thousands of artists and albums, fortunately the music content that the service has huge, practically infinite, so few times we do not find what we want. We can guarantee that Shazam works, and works very well. The coolest thing is that he can recognize which music is playing on the radio, the TV, the car, our sound, and all he has to do is listen, as long as the volume is loud enough and there is not much outside noise, a small bit. from the pipe.

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In addition to displaying information of the currently playing song, SoundHound allows you to sing a piece of music and then it recognizes which song. It displays all artist information, shows YouTube videos, lyrics and various versions of the song if it has more than one.

SoundHound is another application that can identify songs that are playing in the environment. Besides being able to recognize which music is playing on the radio, on the TV, in the car, in our sound, it also has the function of recognizing the music through your voice, that is, you just have to sing a piece and it will show you which one. the pipe. Although it has some advantages SoundHound has its weaknesses, there is too much advertising, something that annoys a lot and makes the interface ugly. SoundHound also works very well and delivers what it promises most of the time

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Who would ever want to know what song was playing at that time and didn't get the chance? A music recognition app is essential on any smartphone and will bring a very useful function to your device.
Both Shazam and SoundHound are excellent tools to always know what is playing. Just open the app and ask it to identify it, most of the time it does it very successfully, especially Shazam. The big difference between the two is in the speed of finding the information, Shazam does it much more easily and is able to find songs that SoundHound can't find, but overall, this aspect is well balanced. Both apps provide good integration with Facebook, very responsive to share the music with our friends. And if you know how to sing a piece of a song, but you don't know its name, or who sings it, you can download SoundHound, which has this option and it works well.