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Google plans to rename Picasa and Blogger to Google Photos and Google Blogs

According to the Mashable blog, Google finally plans to rename its Picasa and Blogger products for a closer identification of the company, and of course, of its own operation.

"Google will remix Picasa for 'Google Photos' and Blogger for 'Google Blogs'," the post says. "Other products should also be affected by the decision, with YouTube being the only one excluded from any change."

Unlike other company products that received new brands after their acquiescence, Picasa and Blogger have kept their original brands for years. With the launch of the Google+ Project, the Mountain View giant shows new intentions to make its products more visible to users.

Changes are expected since 2008

Mashable's information, if true, confirms the old rumors. Both products were already given different names in help centers and source code. In April 2007, in order to attract and improve Froogle product identification, Google renamed the service Google Product Search.