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12 Best Boys Games for Android → Here is which one to download

Mobile and tablet are always good ways to entertain little ones, especially when they have children's games, which are colorful and catch the attention of boys, making them busy longer.

But that's not all boys games provide. These apps are perfect to assist in the development of children's motor skills as well as logical thinking.

While the idea of ??downloading these apps always crosses the mind of parents, not everyone knows exactly which ones are best for their children. Is this your case? So check out our selection of boys games for Android, which brings you the most downloaded and free options!

1 – Minion Rush: Despicable Me The Game

It's an endless racing game with beautiful and colorful graphics., featuring all the scenarios inspired by the world of the Despicable Me movie. In this game, the only function of the player to put Minion to runavoiding obstacles and collecting bananas to play special missions and increase the accumulated points.

An important detail that the game totally free, but you can make in-app purchases. To prevent your child from inadvertently purchasing, you can restrict in-app purchases or the Google Play store itself.

Minion Rush is available for Android in recent versions and has a 50 to 150 MB download., depending on the device on which the app is downloaded. In addition, it displays advertisements that may direct the user to third party websites.

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2 – Ice Age: Village

In this game, the little ones should build a new village to house animals, such as raccoons, monkeys, dinosaurs, sharks, and more, all inspired by the Ice Age movie franchise.

Within the app, there are mini games and special functions, such as participating in fun village events, visiting and gathering friends and families of all animals.

Thinking of downloading this app for your child? In this case, I need the device to have Android 2.3 or higher. Also, to use some features of the game, I need to be connected to the Internet.

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3 – Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is a perfect choice for homesick parents who want to present classic games to their children. The endless racing game but its differential is a faster pace and stunning graphics.

In the game, you can also choose to play with other characters who are friends with Sonic, as well as being able to face tough boss battles with each level and participate in special missions to increase the score and win prizes.

This app requires a smartphone or tablet to have Android 4.1 or later, as well as occupying 84 MB of memory. The free game but displays advertisements when connected to the Internet. However, it is possible to make an in-app purchase to release the version without advertising if it is a nuisance.

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4 – Banana Kong

At Banana Kong, the little ones take a walk through jungles and caves, pick bananas for more energy, and overcome highly dangerous obstacles. It's a dynamic game that lets you find secrets and unlock additional items., which gives access to different powers and benefits.

The application has integration with Game Services, which makes it possible to check the performance of the player's friends and to surpass them, either in the score or the distance traveled in the game. This detail can be a differentiator for bigger boys, stimulating competition ability.

Interested in downloading Banana Kong for your child? To do this, your device must have Android version 4.0.3 or higher, plus a minimum of 68 MB free.

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5 – The Zombie Crush

In this game, a horde of zombies is about to invade a village and the player must defend his house by smashing all the undead. The graphics are well made, colorful and fun, and the game has special sound effects.

Another difference is the story mode, which has 60 levels, with varying times and difficulties, ie enough game to entertain the little ones. And the best? All for free.

The app can be downloaded to smartphones or tablets running Android version 2.1 or higher, including 4.6 MB minimum memory. Precisely because it occupies so little space, The app is a great choice for devices with reduced storage capacity.

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6 – Tap Kids

Tap Kids is a learning game for boys and girls. With him the user challenged to hit a series of questions and mini games related to the use of colors, animal names and word learning. Those who respond faster earn more points. Those who make no mistake will receive a penalty.

This game for children is a good alternative for the little ones in the learning phase, as well as serving as a time pass is also educational and stimulating for child development.

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7 – Toy Story: smash it

Toy Story is an android game that is inspired by various mobile game modes such as Angry Birds and block games. The objective of the game is to fight evil for the honor of Star Command. To do this I have to go through several missions, each in a very realistic 3D setting.

In addition, the full cast of the movie is part of the game, and to make it even more exciting, it has visual effects that give the game a more professional look, like a mini-game.

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8 – Lego Marvel Super Heroes: universe in danger

Lego Marvel Super Heroes hitched a ride on the blockbuster Marvel movie Avengers, and took the opportunity to release these fun saga games that are available for free for Android.

In the game the story is very true to the comic, including the original clothes in the lego version with lots of colors – which makes the game even more playful. The challenges of the saga are very similar to what is offered in the movies: fighting evil, fighting, battles and using the superpowers correctly.

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9 – Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Castle of Illustion is a game for boys and girls that is inspired by the Disney cartoons, and is therefore a graphic show. The same game marked past generations in a much simpler version for Nintendo.

In the new scenario, Mickey Mouse is invited to venture into a number of different environments that mark each stage, some with gouging castles, others made entirely of food.

To get this fun game and see all the kids playing crazy with Android on hand I have to pay a rather salty price, since the game came on Android for $ 9.90 – an average of $ 25.00. However, it is difficult to deny that its differential is not worth the price.

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10 – Adventure Time: Gone Mad in Time

Adventure Time is one of the most successful cartoons among children in recent years, and of course, one could not miss a mobile phone game in honor of the character.

In this app Finn and Jake venture into future trips to save the inhabitants of Ooo's world. The mechanics of the game are simple and therefore recommended for young children. However this game of skill will require qualities such as patience to open each phase and agility to defeat the enemies that come from every corner.

The game is paid, but has an inviting price (around $ 7.00 to play unlimited) and still with the possibility to decide which mission to accomplish.

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11 – Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack Attack

The Cartoon Network-inspired Gravity Falls Mystery Shack is an artwork of the animation, as the graphics are very well-crafted, so little space occupies the internal memory of the device.

The game is marked by suspense and mystery, and some scenes include ghosts, supernaturality and zombies. The animation is not so realistic when the Adventure Time, however, is still worth the price of $ 9.00 on average.

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12 – Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombie is a free old game on Android, but it never failed to succeed – especially among boys. In this virtual world I need to use agility and strategy to not allow zombies to invade the house only using the power of plants.

Each phase encountered new challenges, which makes the game addictive. It's hard not to have it as a hobby and, at the same time, as one of the favorite zombie games. Download it and see for yourself!

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What's your favorite game on Android?Tell us in the comments!