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WhatsApp down: what to do?

Do you know what to do when WhatsApp goes down? We have put together some tips in this article that can help you.

WhatsApp down for technical issues

It wasn't the first time nor was it the last time he was out of breath. What to do in this case? Or rather saying: what not to do?

How do I know WhatsApp is down?

There are several very obvious signs that will make you notice that your WhatsApp doesn't work:

  • Cannot send or receive messages. You see a clock thinking next to a sent message and the double check symbols never arrive;
  • You cannot see the last connection of your contacts (but beware, this function can also be configured. See how here.);
  • A local connection timeout error message appears.

Possible actions to identify WhatsApp down and troubleshoot

First make sure it is not a general fall, like the last one. Try these tips:

  • Make sure your 3G or Wi-Fi is connected. Disconnect them and reconnect them. If it doesn't work, try other Wi-Fi networks;
  • Check out all the permissions on your device configuration;
  • Turn off and restart your device;

If none of this works, WhatsApp is really down. During the last crash, some friends forced the app to close, cleared the cache, and even deleted the app data, which eliminates all your conversations, images, etc. None of this works. The only solution is to wait, and also use social networks and an alternative messaging app.

In the latter case: use VPN

The first thing to know what not to do: do not force the application to close, do not clear the cache or delete WhatsApp data. This will eliminate all dialogues and photos without solving the problem.

If you want to continue using the application during a service outage, many users have recommended using VPN. Services such as Private Tunnel or Betternet have enabled messaging applications. To learn how to use them, check out the articles below:

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Free VPN Hotspot and Betternet Private Browsing
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My advice for the next times WhatsApp goes down

After this experience, here are some tips for the next time WhatsApp goes live:

  • Always have a backup copy of your history, with dialogs, photos, settings etc;
  • Always check out WhatsApp's official Twitter, because an official announcement is published whenever there is a service outage.

If the WhatsApp team hasn't said anything yet, ask anyone or consult the internet before doing something as radical as erasing data or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It is likely that somewhere in the world you have reported the failure of social networks.

What are you doing during the fall of WhatsApp?

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