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Using the Google Photos Crop Tool

The Google Photos app comes with a tool for making minor adjustments to photos or documents with elements that should not be displayed. Learn how to use it!

When taking a photo of some or even a document to be sent, it is quite common that some elements appear in it that you do not want to show. To fix this kind of problem, the simplest solution is to crop the image, leaving only what you want.

For this task, of course, there are many solutions on Google Play, but the Google Photos app itself, which comes pre-installed on Android devices, also has a feature for it. Here's how to use the Google Photos crop tool to make adjustments to photos and documents.


Google Photos only features photos that are already saved on your device. If you want to scan any document with your mobile phone, you can check out this other guide for Digital Look, which teaches you how to scan documents with Google Drive, which is also already installed by default on Android devices.

For now, the feature shown below is not available in the version of the iOS app (iPhone system).

How to crop images with Google Photos

The process within Google Photos to make cropping images very simple and takes a few seconds to complete. Check out:

  1. Open Google Photos normally and select the desired document or photo for editing;


  2. Now tap the "Settings" icon as shown in the image below and then the "Extenses" icon;


  3. Select the "Crop Document" option, make any necessary adjustments, and tap "Done." Finally, on the new screen, click "Save."


Although the function name only refers to making document cuts, it can also be used on other images, such as photos where an area needs to be hidden. See an example below.


Ready! You now know how to use Google Photos to crop documents or photos.

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