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Racing competition with autonomous drones has a prize of up to $ 2 million

The Drone Racing League (DRL), the world drone league, in partnership with Lockheed Martin, is preparing a curious championship using the autonomous drone Racer AI. The competition called the Alpha Pilot is rene eleven teams, all using the same artificial intelligence drone with the goal of getting ahead of even professional pilots.

The code and programming lines that each team will make to cross the finish line will be crucial. Winners will receive prizes worth up to $ 2 million.

Understand how doSkydio 2 autonomous flight, the world's best drone in this mode, works

The aircraft brings open code, each team determining the strategy, whether to run safer or bolder cornering while maintaining high speed, in the end the best schedule to win. RacerAI equipped with Nvidia's Jetson AGX Xavier development kit, similar to that used in the Skydio 2 drone.

According to Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO and Founder of DRL, the competition marks an initial step towards a future in which autonomous systems can operate in all complex flying environments, from package delivery to search and rescue missions.

The DRL RacerAI is an important milestone for the Drone Racing League and the future of the sport. AI has defeated humans in almost every digital game we know, but it has not come close to defeating a human in real-life sports. At AIRR competitive events, we will see DRL RacerAI get faster and smarter, reach out to human competitors and one day outperform the world's best driver.Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO and Founder of DRL

Teams are still preparing for the competition, with the drone debut scheduled for this week and three more races scheduled for November and December.

Participants responsible for determining aircraft behavior are from different regions of the globe and include engineers, students, pilots and programmers. The competition also has a Brazilian team, XQuad, formed by 10 engineers from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, according to the note on the official website, the team is prepared to think outside the box to win the competition.

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