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Is it worth buying the iPhone SE in 2020?

IPhone SE was officially launched in 2016 and is still a much sought after option for those who want a cheaper iPhone option. At the time, it was already considered a simpler version among Apple models, which only intensified over time. Its design, display and overall performance are well dated today, which raises the question of whether it is worth buying iPhone SE from 2020 onwards, such as iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

So that you can make a better decision, we have separated some very important factors that you need to consider. With all this in perspective, you will have a better sense of what the device offers and whether it is still worth buying the iPhone SE. Check it all out below!

1. Design

buy iPhone SE

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the design of the iPhone SE. It's much more old-fashioned and looks like the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5s. Apple decided to follow this style specifically because a lot of people weren't used to or disliked the look of the iPhone 6 and 6s of the time.

The big problem is that such a device is so small and so thick-edged it is much more non-standard now. It may be good for those who still prefer the old design of the iPhone, but overall it doesn't bring much benefit. In general, just easier to carry in your pocket and be very discreet.

This is more obvious now that Apple has reinvented its smartphone design with the arrival of the iPhone X in 2017. Its handsets are even thinner and have almost no edge beyond the notch on the upper front.

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2. Screen

Since we talk about the design and size of the iPhone SE, we also have to mention its screen. With edges so thick at the top and bottom of the device, the screen is very small.

Basically, it's a 4-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. Considering that most smartphones have at least 5 inch screens and Full HD resolution, it is difficult to recommend a device with such a display.

This is especially true because most of the content you see on smartphones is already in Full HD or even 4K. It will be hard to enjoy everything offered on the internet on such a small screen and very poor resolution.

3. Performance

Like the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE comes with the A9 chip. In 2016, this was a very powerful chip. But only the 2 GB of RAM of this device end up not being enough nowadays.

This turns out to be quite noticeable as apps require a lot more from smartphones than a few years ago. With so many updates and new features, many apps may end up slowing iPhone SE.

Simpler apps may still work well, but don't expect the same from heavier games, for example.

4. Battery

worth buying the iPhone if

iPhone SE has a 1624 mAh battery. As it is very small and its screen is not demanding, it means that it can handle up to 13 hours of continuous use.

This is very good if you are looking for a simple, small device that has a good battery life. In this regard, buying the iPhone SE is not so bad.

5. iOS Support

This year, Apple ensured that older smartphones like iPhone SE still had new iOS version support. Considering that iPhone 6 (released in 2014) has been left out, iPhone SE is not expected to be supported for a long time. We expect this to end in 2020 or 2021 at the most.

This is a very important thing to consider. After all, without support for new updates, many apps may stop working on iPhone SE. After a while, some may present bugs and bugs that will not be fixed.

6. Price and value for money

At its launch, the iPhone SE cost $ 2,699. A price above similar handsets, but much cheaper than other iPhones. Currently, you can find the device in Brazil for about $ 1,100 in various physical stores and online.

For what he offers, the price is a little high. An iPhone 6s, a very similar model internally and with larger screen and more modern design, can be found for about $ 1,499 today, for example.

Other than that, there are hundreds of Android smartphones with much better specs and in that price range. Overall, buying iPhone SE would be more interesting if you found it for less than a thousand dollars.

7. Possible successor

buy iphone if

It has been speculated for some time that the possible successor of the iPhone SE will be announced. Such iPhone SE 2, as called by some, would have a more modern format. Only their other specifications would be simpler than today's iPhone.

Even so, it would be more convenient to wait a while for this announcement. Of course there is no certainty that this will happen. But imagine that Apple offers a more cost-effective iPhone even if it is not so similar to the SE.

Do you think it's worth buying the iPhone SE?

Could you take our tips on whether iPhone SE is really worth buying in 2020? Overall, it is not the best smartphone you can buy for your price and it may be better to wait for your successor.

Of course if you just want something simple, small and find the model for a cheaper price, it can be an interesting business. Anyway, don't forget to leave your comment below telling us what you think of the smartphone!