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How to use an Android smartphone as an internet router

It is not always possible to have access to a public Wi-Fi network everywhere you go, which makes 3G / 4G very useful. Of course, this does not apply to portable devices such as notebooks and tablets without a SIM card slot. Fortunately, you can use your smartphone's mobile data and pass a fast Wi-Fi signal to other devices. To do this, simply set up your smartphone as an internet router.

This makes life much easier for those who need internet on multiple devices anywhere. Another plus point is something quite simple to set up and use on any phone running Android 7 or higher. You can check out our tutorial on how to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi router below!

How does the router work through the smartphone?

Using a smartphone as a router can seem complicated at first glance. Especially because it is not so exploited by most Android users.

Fortunately, just knowing that it works just like the internet router you have at home. It takes your internet signal, in this case the mobile data from 3G or 4G, and transmits it via Wi-Fi to other devices.

You can name your network, create a password and even hide it if you want more privacy and security. All these steps will be explained properly in the following tutorial!

Set up your smartphone as a Wi-Fi router

As we mentioned, the setup process works on any modern Android (version 7 and up). The tutorial below was performed on Android 9, so some menus may appear different on your smartphone, but the options themselves are always the same.

To get started, open your smartphone settings and click on the "Network and internet" option.

use android as router

Then click on the ?Wi-Fi router and tethering? option to proceed. This option may appear slightly different text depending on your Android, but always have part of the "Wi-Fi Router" to know how to identify it.

smartphone as wifi router

Now we have to choose what kind of connection we want to use. There is no doubt that we only want to transmit the internet signal to other devices. Click on "Wi-Fi Router" to move on.

In the next step, we will simply click the button next to "Off". This will have the router option activated at the same time.

use smartphone as router

With that done, you can use your smartphone as an internet router. The only thing missing is to adjust some of your network settings.

Smartphone Router Security

This is optional, but can make your network more secure and out of reach of others. In ?Wi-Fi Router Name?, you can name your network as you wish, for example.

android router opes

Under "Security," you choose the type of measure that protects your network. In the "Wi-Fi Router Password" option, you can create a password that must be entered on any device that wants to use the network.

Finally, if you click "Hide my device", it will not appear in anyone's list of Wi-Fi networks. We suggest you do this only after connecting your device to your network.

Basically, you should treat this network like any other Wi-Fi network. Make your password, rename it, and try to be as secure as possible to avoid potential internet ?thieves?.

Moreover, its very simple use and the router option can be enabled and disabled at any time you need it.

What if the Wi-Fi router does not work?

If your Android is version 7 and above, the router option will always appear. In case you follow all the steps above and are unable to connect internet with another device through this network, there are some things you can check.

First, make sure your 3G or 4G network is working properly. To do this, just use it on your smartphone, when accessing a web page or an online app.

If all is well, restart your Android smartphone or device that is trying to connect to the internet. Overall, this simple act solves minor problems with the internet.

Finally, also check if your smartphone is properly updated. Any errors or bugs could be to blame for your problem with the Android router and may have been resolved in a recent update.

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