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How to troubleshoot SMS / MMS sending error

Free messaging services have stolen the scene in recent years, but the good old SMS / MMS remains firm and strong. This is a feature that is included in almost every telephone plan in the country and saves us at the time of the squeeze. But what to do when this system crashes? After much breaking my head, I found a very simple measure to solve the problem with sending SMS.

The bug can have many causes, such as an operating system upgrade, a carrier network failure, or simply appearing out of nowhere. But the good news is that we don't need to know the cause of the error to fix it. With me and other Android users, this simple action was enough to get SMS working again:

  • Open "Android Settings";
  • V at Applications;
  • Select Show System from the top bar;
  • Open the Messaging app (or SMS / MMS);
  • Select storage;
  • Click Clear Cache.

After performing the process, restart your device. If the error reappears, repeat the above process, but now click Clear Data instead of Clear Cache. This will free you from the error message and your SMS / MMS will arrive at their destination.

sms service tips
Clear SMS app cache to troubleshoot messaging / AndroidPIT

The second alternative is to enable the Premium SMS service, which is available in the native Android app, ie it doesn't work if you are using a proprietary interface with a third party messaging app. To enable it follow: Settings> Applications> Application Manager> Show System> Messaging> Click 'Send Premium SMS'> select 'always allow'.

The problem may also be related to your carrier. If the above tip doesn't work, make sure your plan is working, and then contact your carrier for more details.

Do you have problems sending SMS frequently? Got any other tips?

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