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9 alternatives to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Currently, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are the services most used by those who want to socialize. Of course, everyone has a very different system and purpose, but that doesn't change the fact that everyone only serves to communicate. Of course it can be a bit tiring to use more saturated apps like them, which can make you look for other options. The good news is that there are some interesting alternatives to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

If you have been curious and want to know what these alternatives are, just follow our main recommendations. You can check our list below!

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Facebook Alternatives

To start, let's talk a little about the main alternatives to Facebook. Of course there is not yet a social network as large as this service, but it is possible to use very good options. See which ones below.

1. MeWe

facebook alternatives

The first suggestion of alternatives to Facebook is MeWe. It is best suited for those looking for a social network that values ??user privacy more than anything.

Who uses Facebook knows that this is not so good there. In the case of MeWe, there are no advertisements, trackers or even the intention to sell data from its users.

The net profit comes from some subscription plans for those who want to take advantage of premium features. This includes a secret chat app, cloud storage and even a business version.

If you want to know more about MeWe, just download the app. It is free and can be found for Android and iPhone.

2. Diaspora

Diaspora certainly has a very different concept and is one of the best alternatives to Facebook. It presents itself as a decentralized platform in which you choose the subjects that interest you and which server you want to join.

If the user wants and has the necessary knowledge, he can even create his own servers. In this case, it is possible to enter servers focused only on art, technology, music, etc. You can check out more through the official site.

3. Summer

Vero is another social network that tries to solve some of the biggest problems we see on Facebook. The good news is that he is very successful at this goal.

Basically, it does its best to keep you from dealing with ads, just shows posts from people you select, and everything is displayed chronologically.

There are also ways to send direct messages and make less personal interactions right on the profile of other users. one of the best alternatives to Facebook. You can check out more on Android and iPhone.

Instagram Alternatives

Moving from Facebook alternatives to Instagram, it's easy to see with the incredibly popular service. But it's also easy to find users unhappy with the direction the service is taking.

If you want something a little long from the highly retouched photos, digital influencers and sponsored posts, you can take a look at the following alternatives.


alternatives to facebook vsco

VSCO is actually well known to anyone still using Instagram. It is often used to take and edit photos or put in more interesting filters before images are posted.

What a lot of people do not know that VSCO can also be used as a photo sharing social network. Everything can be done directly in the app, where other users also post and share their photos.

If you really want to replace Instagram, this is one of the best places to start. You can download the app for Android and iPhone via the link.

5. EyeEm

EyeEm is not so well known, but a great social network for sharing photos. The difference is that it is much more focused for professional photographers or enthusiasts in the field.

To avoid notion, you can even receive feedback from other professionals on your photos. There are even those who can sell photographs there, which is quite interesting. You can download the app on iPhone and Android.


500px is another alternative to Instagram that also focuses on photographers who want to share their work. It's cool that users can follow and see the feed of other photographers than on Instagram itself.

The app is very receptive to amateurs and enthusiasts, as there is no need to sell the photos there. Of course the option exists if you want, but part of the profit goes to the 500px. You can check out more in the Android and iPhone app.

WhatsApp Alternatives

In addition to alternatives to Facebook and Instagram, good to remember WhatsApp. Despite being one of the most popular chat apps in the world, a lot of people don't like it.

Its somewhat dated design, it does not have many basic features and really well get stuck to the app just because a lot of people use it. Fortunately, alternatives abound.

7. Telegram

alternative to whatsapp telegram

Telegram is easily the best alternative to WhatsApp today. It is safer, very light, much faster and has more features that benefit the user.

Other than that, it is also becoming increasingly popular in Brazil. This makes it much simpler to use, as you should have an easier time finding your friends there.

Using Telegram for Business has even been quite normal this year.

Today Telegram can be used on virtually any platform. There is a web version, a desktop version and of course the mobile app for Android and iPhone.

8. Wire

Wire is another very interesting app for those looking for an alternative to WhatsApp. Its creation had the involvement even of the cofounder of Skype, Janus Friis, something that few people know.

It can be used free of charge for personal chats, but there is also a paid version for businesses. This turns out to be quite interesting since many apps of this type do not have this feature.

Other than that, your tools are very conventional. It is possible to have private, group, video and voice calls, etc. You can download the app on Android and iPhone.

9. Signal

Already Signal is an open source chat app that focuses especially on privacy and security. It is widely used by groups who want extra protection in their conversations, as you might imagine.

In addition to being encrypted, it is also possible to have secret chat rooms, self-destructing messages and much more. You can check more and download the app on Android and iPhone.

Liked the alternatives to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp?

Could you use our list to know some good alternatives to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the list and if there are other networks and apps you would find interesting to see around here.