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5 Reasons Why Magic Trackpad Is Better Than Magic Mouse

If you're looking for peripherals for your Mac devices, such as the new Macbook Pro, you've probably heard of Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, two input devices to make your life easier when using computers running OS X or higher – like macOS Catalina. When it comes to the trackpad-mouse dispute, many users tend to prefer the mouse for comfort and accuracy.

However, today we will introduce you to the reasons why Magic Trackpad is better than Apple's Magic Mouse. Check out the differences between devices and advantages for the conventional version of mouse for your computer.

1. Design

Firstly, it's important to talk about the design, of course, the two devices are directly different, since one is a mouse and the other is a trackpad. But even so, it is important to mention that the design of the Trackpad is extremely modern, besides offering an excellent surface.

Magic Trackpad vs Magic Mouse

Meanwhile, the design of the Magic Mouse, while really still quite different from other commercially available mice, this not an advantage. The reason that using a mouse of this model may end up being unhealthy for your wrist and hand, especially in cases of prolonged use. We'll talk more about this later in this article.

Magic Trackpad is better than Magic Mouse because it gives you more space to work and, in addition, may be better for transport because it is thinner, although larger.

3. Force Touch and haptic feedback

As a feature initially introduced with the release of Apple Watch, Apple's Force Touch determines whether or not Apple devices are able to differentiate light touches and strong grips. Fortunately, Magic Trackpad has this feature, while Magic Mouse doesn't bring this kind of insight.

Among some uses for Force Touch that you lose by opting for the mouse are:

  • Possibility of accessing a web page preview;
  • Access dictionary definitions in the dictionary by selecting them;
  • Preview documents in Finder, among others.

Also, another big one that makes Magic Trackpad better than Magic Mouse is haptic feedback. In this case, the Apple mouse has physical buttons that, with continuous use, may end up being damaged or cause double click problems, for example.

Meanwhile, Magic Trackpad's haptic feedback just gives you the feeling that there was a click, when actually touching the peripheral there is no button, but a pressure sensor.

4. You can use Magic Trackpad while charging

Unlike Magic Mouse, you can continue to use Magic Trackpad normally even while the device is charging. This is not the case for the other peripheral because, as you can see in the image below, cable placement prevents normal use of the peripheral.

Magic Mouse Loading

This problem could be solved if the placement of the Lightning cable was perhaps on the front or back of the mouse. Of course, that would still make it uncomfortable, but at least it would be possible to use it while charging.

As you can imagine, having to wait for your mouse to reload without being able to do anything about it is really frustrating for many customers, even if it doesn't take long. In fact, it would not be a surprise if Apple chose to change this design element in future versions of the peripheral.

Enjoy and check out how to load your fastest Mac in just 8 steps.

4. Magic Trackpad offers more gestures

Another big difference between Apple's two peripherals is that Trackpad offers significantly more gestures compared to Magic Mouse, so you have convenience while using it. With a larger work surface, there are several different gestures for you to enjoy the space, such as shortcuts to:

  • Switch between pages;
  • Switch between full screen apps;
  • Open the notification center;
  • Show desktop, among others.

All of these gestures can be easily configured and also disabled from the Trackpad menu on your Mac computer. Meanwhile, the mouse is significantly more limited as it relies on the use of the only two buttons to accomplish its tasks.

5. More comfortable than Magic Mouse

As we mentioned when talking about design, the Magic Mouse is different from other peripherals designed for the same purpose, but that is not at all advantageous. The truth is that, especially for those who spend hours working using them, not using an ergonomic mouse can cause irreversible damage to their hand nerves, leading to problems such as repetitive strain injury, among others.

For comparison, check out the image below of what is considered an ergonomic mouse, ie designed to fit your hand perfectly and mitigate damage from prolonged use.

Ergonomic mouse

It may look quite different even from other ordinary mice, right? But the truth is that this is the ideal model that keeps your hand and wrist in a comfortable position.

Meanwhile, the Magic Trackpad does not keep your hand in a single position for long periods, as well as giving you a larger working area and the comfort of not necessarily having to hold the device while you use it.

Just slide your fingers across the surface and make light or strong touches to get the Magic Trackpad to its fullest, without force, without repetitive finger movements. But there is no denying that a mouse gives you the most accurate pointer, if that is important for your everyday use.

So, do you agree that Magic Trackpad is better than Magic Mouse?

What did you think of our list of reasons that make Magic Trackpad a better option than Magic Mouse? Are they enough to change your mind about which device to choose? It is worth mentioning that, being better than Magic Mouse, Trackpad is also more expensive. Visit Apple's official website to purchase Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse.

Tell us in the comments your opinion about the two devices and which one you prefer. Enjoy and meet 18 other accessories too to enhance your Mac experience!