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2019 iPhones should come with USB-C charger and larger batteries

Last year, rumors spread the news that iPhones would come with new 18W USB-C chargers instead of the traditional 5W / USB-A chargers (which, it is said, are exactly the same since the iPhone launch in 2007 ).

The rumor was not confirmed; On the other hand, iPads Pro did win the 18W USB-C port charger. Shortly after the release, the charger went on sale at the Apple Online Store ($ 84), which is compatible with iPhones and offers fast recharge, something much desired by smartphone owners.

For now, ChargerLAB (which has a questionable story involving Apple rumors) has released a tweet noting that it is very likely that such a USB-C charger will finally accompany the new iPhones.


IPhone iPhone 11 comes with a USB-C charger.

The information would have been confirmed by a high-ranking executive.

This statement is not a novelty: the Macotakara I had already raised the possibility that the new iPhones would come with such a charger. Still, it is still another vehicle "confirming" something widely needed and awaited by Apple users after all, nobody deserves to continue recharging devices with batteries around 3,000mAh (case of XS Max and XR) with a 5W charger.

Larger batteries

O DigiTimeshas in turn resolved to β€œconfirm” various information already expected by the public, such as maintaining device sizes (5.8 β€³, 6.1 β€³ and 6.5 β€³), Face ID unchanged, notch Of the same size, devices with up to three cameras and no 3D Touch.

However, they say the new handsets will have larger batteries, around 3,200mAh (20% more), 3,500mAh (10% more) and 3,000mAh (2% more) for the successors of the XS, XS Max iPhones. and XR respectively.

In particular, I find it very strange that the successor of the XS (5.8 β€³) has a larger battery than the successor of the XR (6.1 β€³). It is also worth noting that a recent rumor raised the possibility of seeing a battery of almost 4,000mAh in the successor of the XS Max.

Dual SIM Physical on 5.8 Inch Model (China)

Finally, the DigiTimes also reported that in China, the 5.8 β€³ model could win the tray with space for two physical chips currently only the XS Max and XR have such a feature.

In the rest of the world, iPhones also support two chips, but one of them is electronic (known as eSIM).

These and other rumors have everything to be confirmed at a special event that Apple follows the calendar of past years on September 10th.

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors