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2019 iPhones may gain a similar mode to Google Pixel Night Sight

The way Night sight of smartphones Pixel, by Google, has caused a real revolution in the world of mobile photography.

Manufacturers rushed to try to overcome the cameras that effectively see in the dark Huawei, so far, was the only one that managed to overcome witchcraft. Apple, for its part, has remained quiet in its corner, although it appears that this state of inertia will not last long.

O leaker Max Weinbach shared with the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro It's a piece of information that can raise the buzz of iPhone users: According to him, Apple is working on a night photography mode similar to what Google offers on its smartphones, and the feature may already be present on Ma's 2019 smartphones (see all at 2 minutes and 15 seconds from the video below).

At Apple, the feature would be called Night Mode and while we don't have much information on what kind of technology is used to make it possible, it is not hard to say that machine learning would be an important part of the process, working in tandem with the new optical lens system that (supposedly) will come in the new ones. iPhones or some of them at least.

According to Weinbach, Ma's feature would be comparable in quality to the night photography modes offered by Google and Huawei, and could even outperform them. It would be activated automatically when the device detects a scene with insufficient brightness, but could also come with a manual mode, activated whenever the user wanted.

Other information to be confirmed if Apple puts the feature as a gimmick of future iPhones (and therefore unique to them) or releases the Night Mode in a software update for existing models. Google, as we all know, did this by placing the Night sight even on two-year-old Pixel devices, but the first option seems to be more Apple-like.

Still, the news is heartening. Will Ma finally reach the competition in this race? Let's wait!

via PhoneArena