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2019 iPhones could bring support for Apple Pencil

2019 iPhones could bring support for Apple Pencil

Since the Apple Pencil came to the world in 2015, it is speculated about the moment when the pen the pencil will also be supported by iPhones – and, every year, there seems to be a rumor that the next Apple smartphones will finally accept the company’s accessory. Well, here we are to reinforce this paradigm.

As the Business Insider, analysts at Citi Research shared with investors today a list of likely features that will be present on iPhones 2019 and, among them, there is: “stylus / Apple Pencil support”. There is no specification on the accessory model that would be supported by iPhones – as is well known, we currently have two generations of Apple Pencil coexisting and without much connection between them.

The rest of the forecasts from Citi Research analysts do not differ from everything we already know (or think we know) of the iPhones of 2019: professionals believe that we will see three models, two with OLED screens and one with LCD, equipped with two or three larger cameras and batteries. According to them, the models will start from US $ 750, US $ 1,000 and US $ 1,100.

Regarding the Apple Pencil, however, we will have to wait to see if the forecast will enter the catalog of wrong predictions of the last few years or if finally someone has hit the bull’s-eye. What do you think?

via MacRumors