2019 in the Linux world – What will happen?


The year 2018 was really incredible for Linux, with several new features in relation to the Kernel, Steam bringing the Proton project to life, several projects gaining relevance and support, in addition to greater dissemination by the media.

In today’s post we are going to “play” a little bit of “guessing the future of Linux on desktops”, because in other areas it already “reigns” in a well consolidated and loose way.

Examples like NASA, NASDAQ, Down Jones, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tesla and among other companies and public agencies using Linux are not lacking. The last company to join Linux on its servers was Epic Games, using Kubernetes to support Fortnite.

What do I think will happen?

Well, it started as a joke because a few months before the launch of Steamplay and the Proton project, the editor that talks to you, had made a video talking about the DXVK project and Atari (yes, himself and still exists, we just don’t know when it will quit =)), and that they would be this year’s revelations and that would help pull Linux into desktop popularity. Atari has not yet given thanks, but Steamplay does and with it thousands of games that were only for Windows now work on Linux.

The last bomb that we reported here on the blog and on the channel was the movement that the community made in the Adobe forum asking for the size of Adobe Cloud Creative, we have great chances of this happening.

Now forecasts for Linux in 2019:

Adobe coming to Linux, using Ubuntu as a base;

Epic Games will launch their Store for Linux, similar to Steam;

In addition to Edge having a version for Linux, I bet that Office 365 in the basic version (Word, Excel and Outlook);

Blizzard can come to Linux too, bringing WoW, its flagship as a trailblazer. Since the games already run mostly without problems in Wine / Lutris;

More games will be compatible with Steamplay, so only «games» that still use anticheats, like Denuvo or similar, will be left out.;

I bet that NVIDIA and AMD will further improve their Linux drivers, in addition to making available tools and resources present in Windows so far;

And why not think, Fortnite for Linux (even if it is only for Ubuntu), this will already be a big victory.

Well, these are my “predictions” for 2019 on Linux and I really hope it will come true, you can say that I am super optimistic, but thinking in a negative way does not help anything either.

Leave it in the comments, what is your prediction for Linux in 2019? What do you think can happen?

See you next time, big hug.