Apple is supposed to adopt OLED on three iPhones models next year

2018 iPhones may come with new Full Active LCD screen technology, which has OLED features

This year, we saw the announcement of the first iPhone with a screen OLED. It is said that by this choice, the stock of the iPhone X will be smaller than expected at launch, since the higher cost and manufacture of this type of screen is more complicated.

Regarding the future, there are conflicting rumors: on the one hand, we will see next year three models with OLED screens; Already at the other end, the information that we will continue with the good old LCD (from Japan Display) on any of the 2018 models. But what if the two rumors are correct?

According to Wall street journalApple would rather be interested in continuing to use Japan Display LCDs next year, but with the advantages of clearer contrast and brighter colors from OLED technology.

"But how?" You must be wondering. The Japanese manufacturer announced a new LCD technology, which it called Full active. It allows the device to be able to reproduce results equal to (or better) than an OLED and even better at a lower price. So Apple would be interested in using the technology on at least one of the iPhones that will be introduced next year, according to a newspaper source.

In addition to the quality of brightness and contrast that an OLED screen offers, its frame measures 1mm, which allows it to be easily bent unlike normal LCD screens. The same can now be done with a Full Active LCD, as its frame measures only 0.5mm. Incidentally, the Mi Mix 2, which has curved screen, already uses the new technology according to the head of JDI's mobile unit, Kazutaka Nagaoka.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2Mi Mix 2 by Xiaomi

Last month, Japan Display stated that Full Active screens will account for about 70% of its smartphone screen business in 2019. Employees of it also said interest in the Full Active LCD came directly from Apple, which is why the manufacturer Display technology provides for rapid acceptance into the technology.

According to rumors, Apple would have already ordered LCDs for a 6-inch screen, so if that is true, we may see this new technology on the screens of handsets that will be presented next year or at least one of them.

via MacRumors