2018 Elections: These Apps Will Help You Vote This Sunday

This Sunday, October 7, 2018, millions of Brazilian voters will leave the comfort of their homes to exercise the right duty to vote for Brazil's next president (and his vice president, remember!), as well as governors, senators, and federal / state deputies.

Don't forget to assemble a collar and take it on the day of voting, after all, there are six (!) Numbers chosen in all since we will vote for two senators.

Next, the has compiled a number of varied apps that can help you define your candidates and also track the entire electoral process.

E-Title app icon

the electronic version of your Voter Title, as we have already covered here on the website. With it, you do not need to take your physical title if you have not done the biometric registration, however, you must also carry a photo document which will be presented with the e-Title. Through the app, you also have access to information about your electoral situation and your polling place.

Table app icon

Support channel for the thousands of people who will work in these elections. Rene tips, solutions and other features, both offline and online, will be of great importance to your work in the electoral section.

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Answer one quiz of questions to know which is your ideal candidate, later obtaining an affinity ranking with all presenables. The themes are divided into safety, health, education, energy and social protection.

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Application that helps voters make conscious choices in these elections. Test your knowledge of the electoral process, understand the role of each political office, clarify questions about your rights and duties, define your priority themes, and identify parties with greater affinity for you, easily and intuitively.

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Formerly “Corruption Detector” and an Evolution of Vigie Here, this Reclame HERE project aims to gather and organize public information about processes, making it possible for citizens to access relevant information from their potential candidates, and thus to vote more consciously.

Results app icon

Official App of the Superior Electoral Court for you to follow, in real time, the counting of votes from Sunday. It reports data according to your location, provides details of each candidate and also allows you to access results from previous elections. You can favor your candidates and use it as a sunday on Sunday.

UOL app icon - Real Time News

The UOL News app has a fully dedicated Elections 2018 area, with stories about the candidates, reviews and surveys. It will also bring up a real-time scoreboard for the two rounds of the election.

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