2010 elected as "the year of tablets"

2010 elected as ¬ęthe year of tablets¬Ľ

2010 elected as "the year of tablets"

Throughout this year, tens of millions of tablets, guarantees Deloitte in its 2010 TMT Predictions report. The consultant has even more optimistic perspectives for the following years, anticipating that the manufacturers that have already directed their investment to this market have made a good bet.

For Deloitte, the ¬ęnettabs¬ę, as he calls them, come to address specific consumption needs that have not been answered by existing devices today.

In the consultant‚Äôs opinion, smartphones they are still ¬ętoo small to watch videos or even surf the Internet¬Ľ, while notebooks, netbooks and ultra-portable PCs remain ¬ętoo big, heavy or expensive¬Ľ.

¬ęAs soon as the market realizes the sales capacity of the nettabs, competition will grow rapidly, giving rise to a sector of the technological industry that could surpass that of GPS devices ¬ę, considers Deloitte.

However, the exponential growth of tablets is expected to harm another emerging market: ebooks, with the consultant forecasting that for every million tablets sold, there will be a corresponding negative impact on e-readers.

In 2010 TMT Predictions, virtualization of the desktop will be taken much more seriously, with the estimate that more than a million desktop computers will go to the ¬ęcloud¬Ľ.