20 Year Celebration” will be released for Linux and macOS


Good news for gamers in Linux, a new and important title “triple A”Is about to be released, this is the latest title in the franchise of Lara Croft published by Square Enix, developed in partnership with Crystal Dynamics and now ported to Linux and macOS through the Feral Interactive, “Rise of the Tom Raider”In its special 20th anniversary edition.

The press office of Feral Interactive informed us that they are working on a port of the game “Rise of the Tomb Raider” for Linux is for macOS, still without a set release date.

Check out the official trailer for “Rise of the Tomb Raider” for Linux and macOS:

«Rise of the Tomb Raider» is an action and adventure game played in third person and adds several elements found in “Tomb Raider (2013) ” (which is also available for Linux and macOS) and marked the “reboot” of the successful series:

New elements and context

We control once again the beautiful and courageous Lara Croft through various environments, fighting enemies and completing puzzles while using improvised weapons and creativity to evolve in history, the game’s exploration areas are almost 3 times larger than the previous title.

The game environment has been much improved (compared to the previous title), with a day-night cycle and a new climate system that influences both human characters and animals.

A cool example of this is that in order to create a stronger winter coat, Lara has to hunt a wolf, which is an animal that only appears during a certain time of day and when the weather conditions are favorable.

The combat has been redesigned and now features a greater number of infiltration options and quick and stealth attacks. When we are in combat or when we want to avoid the enemy, it can make Lara climb trees and hide, or swim under water to avoid being seen. Snow also influences gameplay: animals leave footprints that disappear over time and Lara can dig trenches to make shelter. Players are also susceptible to problems caused by snowstorms and avalanches

And those are just a few of the many improvements.

Feral Interactive’s launch of “Rise of the Tomb Raider”

As I already mentioned, we still have no information on when the game will be available, the information is vague and tells us it will be «in the spring of the northern hemisphere». I will certainly post a gameplay nthe channel to show you how the game is performing and looking as soon as I can access it.

Currently the game is costing $ 129.99 on Steam and it was one of the best titles launched in recent years, being used today as a reference in several benchmark and performance tests. It will be interesting to see how it will behave on Linux.

The game is all translated into Portuguese, including dubbing, which is always good for players in Brazil. The developers confirmed to our newsroom that the game will run Vulkan, as used in the title F1 2017 for Linux (which performed well), but it would be great to see another title using the new API.

Stay tuned here on the blog and on the channel to follow the news, until next time!