20 things every new Android user should know

Insufficient memory on Android: how to solve the problem!

1. What is Android?Android is an operating system, like Windows for computers or iOS for iPhones and iPads. It is what appears on your device’s screen, what makes it work and do everything it does.

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2. Who developed Android?Android was developed by Google and a large number of manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and others have put Android on their phones, tablets, watches, TVs and more.

3. Why does everyone keep talking about desserts and sweets?Since its launch, every time Google makes a significant update to Android, the update is named after a dessert.

The desserts are executed in alphabetical order, so you can follow the different versions of Android. In recent years, devices have been upgraded to Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. The devices being launched now are likely to come out with the newest version, the Oreo.

4. Does Android have applications?Yes. Android has a giant app store called Play Store, an online store managed by Google, where you can buy and download books, music and movies, as well as apps. There are more than 3 million apps for just about every use you have.

5. Can I use Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook on Android devices?Yes, all Android smartphones have Internet access and in the Play Store you can find all apps from the largest social networks and messengers that exist. If you choose an iPhone or an Android, you will be able to use Facebook and all these other services.

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6. How do I download apps to my Android device?You can install new applications on your Android device in two ways. First, you can use the Play Store app that you will find on your smartphone when you turn it on for the first time. There is no need to be connected to a computer, Android devices can install applications on their own.

You can also use the Play Store website on your computer. If you sign in with the Google account you used on your Android device, the Play Store gives you the option to install directly to your chosen device.

7. Wait, don’t I have to connect my phone to my computer to install new applications?No! You can do this via your carrier’s Internet data service or Wi-Fi, directly to your phone. Without cables.

8. Okay, I understand apps now, but what if I want to put some pictures or a movie on my phone?There are very simple ways to move your personal files to your Android device. First, you can use a Drive account, owned by Google, together with the Drive app. Send everything to Drive through your computer, log in to your Google account on your smartphone and they will all be there waiting for you. Even easier, connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable that comes in the box of the device and just drag and drop the files, Android will know how to organize them.

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9. I have a lot of music on iTunes. Can I hear everything on my Android phone?Yes. There is a software called doubleTwist that works just like iTunes, allowing you to install your iTunes music collection on your Android smartphone or tablet.

doubleTwist PlayerInstall on Google Play

10. There is an app called WhatsApp that I hear so much about. Can I use it on Android?Yes. It is one of the most downloaded free apps on the Android operating system.

WhatsApp MessengerInstall on Google Play

11. My friend has an Android smartphone from Samsung and my device is Android from Motorola. Why does Android look a little different on our devices?Google develops Android software and allows hardware manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung to install on their phones and tablets. Device manufacturers typically add their own design tweaks to the Android operating system. This is the way for manufacturers to differentiate their Android devices from the competition.

12. What if I just want pure Android, unmodified?If you want the pure Android experience straight from Google, then you should choose a Pixel line device, like Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. These devices are always updated to the latest version of Android, too, because they don’t use any extra adjustments from hardware manufacturers, which may delay the upgrade process.

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13. What is the difference between the home and the app drawer?Application drawer is where you can find all applications installed on the device. On Apple devices, all of your apps are at home. But Android devices also have a home with several windows that you can fill with your favorite apps, widgets and app folders – any apps you choose not to keep on your home screen will be kept in your app drawer, too.

14. Widgets? What are widgets?Widgets are one of our favorite Android features. Super useful both for displaying information and for saving battery power, they are something like snapshots of applications that live on your home screens, at home.

There are widgets of all sizes. They can display simple things, like the amount of data you used this month, or show more complex things, like your Facebook news feed or emails. As they are designed for basic interactions such as posting updates on Facebook or WhatsApp, the widgets can help you save battery, since you don’t have to open the full app every time you want to make a simple update or respond to comments.

15. Do I need a Google account to use Android?Yes. Just as you need an Apple ID to use an Apple mobile device, you must have a Google account to use Android. You don’t have to use any of Google’s services (like Gmail) if you don’t want to, and Google allows you to add other email accounts on your Android smartphone.

But if you really don’t want a Google account, Android may not be right for you. Google’s software and cloud services are fully integrated into the Android experience, and you will miss out on some of the best system resources if you don’t want to use them.

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16. What is the easiest way to change all my contacts to my phone?You can enter them as contacts in Gmail, and they will be automatically synchronized with your device, or you can transfer numbers saved on your SIM card.

17. How do I save battery on my Android device?We have some battery saving tips here for you.

18. Are there any good productivity apps for Android?Yes, lots of it! Below are several app suggestions for you to enjoy.

19. What Android games would you recommend?Oops, here are some more lists with incredible suggestions to install on your Android phone.

20. How do I keep my Android phone safe?We have prepared some sensational articles to help you not have problems with your device in this regard.

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