Linux tem 20% dos títulos da Steam

20% of Steam games already run on Linux

The number of games for Linux has been growing alarmingly to make it a viable platform for the gaming world as well.

Linux has 20% of Steam titles

The number of games available for Linux has been increasing.

Good news for people who use Linux and love to play, Steam, Valve's gaming platform, has reached the 20% mark in its Linux-compatible store.

In number, this represents about a little more than a thousand and one hundred gameswhich is a magnificent thing considering that Steam for Linux was released a little over 2 years ago, building a library of over 6,000 Windows games took much longer than that, and Valve doesn't even even made a big marketing on top of the Steam OS.

Despite the exponential growth of games the number of players using Linux as a gaming platform is still not large, for example I am part of the number of Linux players which is around 2%.

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Do you have many games on Steam Linux? Which game do you like the most? Which game would you like to get to the Penguin?

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