20% of IP addresses with accesses above 5Mbps

One third of Europeans browse the Internet at more than 10 Mbps

Akamai’s most recent quarterly state report on the Internet, based on the numbers found by servers connected to its network, shows that South Korea continues to lead in the average speed of Internet access, close to 12 Mbps. The average connection speed in Portugal is close to 4 Mbps.

During the fourth quarter of 2009, 465 million unique IP addresses were connected to the company’s servers, 4.7 percent more than in the previous quarter and 16 percent higher than a year earlier. The United States and China continue to control, for the seventh consecutive quarter, close to 40 percent of accesses.

The list is followed by Hong Kong, Japan, Romania and Latvia that complete the Top 5, all with average speeds above 6 Mbps.

Portugal is also present in the Akamai report, although far from the tables showing the best connections.

According to the company, in the last quarter of 2009, 20 percent of IP addresses in Portugal connected to the large network at a speed above 5 Mbps, while 78 percent did so at lower speeds than that. Just over one percent connected to the Internet at less than 256 Kbps.

The average connection speed in Portugal is close to 4 Mbps.