Time Berners-Lee apologizes to Internet users

20% of companies with electronic purchases

Time Berners-Lee apologizes to Internet users

The National Statistics Institute found that 20 percent of companies with more than 9 employees made electronic purchases over the Internet or other networks last year.

In turn, according to data compiled by the entity in the Survey on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Companies, 18.6 percent of companies of the same size received orders for goods or services electronically.

The study reflects that the proportion of companies that do electronic commerce is all the greater as the number of employees it employs. In this case, the biggest example is that of companies with more than 250 employees, where 33.4 percent received and 32.8 percent placed orders. In the medium-sized companies, the ratio was 21 percent for receipt of orders and 24.2 percent for orders. With small companies, the percentages of receiving and leaving orders did not reach 20 percent.

Of the group of companies that placed orders electronically, 52 percent say the requirements made up 10 percent or more of the company’s total purchases. For 35.6 percent, electronic purchases represent 25 percent or more of total purchases of goods or services.

Broadband in the business world

In the survey conducted by INE it was also found that 96 percent of companies with ten and more workers use computers and 92 percent have access to the Internet, which represents a growth of 1 and 2 percentage points, respectively, compared to the figures of the last year.

In 81 percent of the companies, access to the Internet is made through broadband connections, 77.9 percent of which via DSL and 25.3 percent through analogue modems.

It is with companies linked to collective, social and personal services that there is a greater number of companies with broadband access (100 percent). Those related to financial and real estate activities reach percentages between 97.4 and 95.2 percent. In any case, the annual growth was, on average, two percentage points, indicates the INE.