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20 Famous TikTok Users You Must Follow

TikTok, formerly known as, is one of the most popular teen apps today. Here you can make short videos of just about any theme, although most focus on dubbing known music in more comic scenarios. As you might expect from such a big app, there are many famous TikTok users.

For those new to the platform, it's even interesting to know which are the most famous TikTok users you might want to follow. So we have prepared a very complete list of those with the most followers in the app. Check out everything in detail below!

1. Loren Gray

famous users of tiktok loren

Loren Gray was already quite successful when the app was still called and only continued to grow when it became TikTok. She makes many videos by dubbing existing songs, but now she has started producing her own songs.

The teenager has even been nominated for certain awards, such as the Teen Choice Awards and the People's Choise Awards. She has over 35 million followers, so it's worth checking out.

2. Baby Ariel

Another big hit from, the teenager known as Baby Ariel also did well on the network name transition, quickly joining TikTok's list of famous users. She makes lots of fun videos and already has over 30 million followers.

Her fame also grew out of music apps and she even appeared on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel series. You can check more about in their official profile.

3. Kristen Hancher

Kristen Hancher is another profile you should follow if you like the voice acting videos. It has about 23 million followers, so it might be worth taking a look at what it has to offer.

You can check all this and more on the girl's official profile through the link.

4. Riyaz Afreen

At the age of 15, young Riyaz Afreen has already started to draw a lot of attention at TikTok. His videos are also very musical, but the boy seems to be more interested in pursuing an acting career.

It's nice that he collaborates with various other platform users on his videos. You can check more and see your videos on your official TikTok profile.

5. Gilmher Croes

famous users of tiktok gilmher

Gilmher Croes is one of TikTok's "older" users, even at just 26 years old. He started making videos with his brother in 2015 and has changed his style a few times to remain relevant on the platform.

Fortunately, the strategy seems to be working even today. After all, Croes has over 22 million followers in the app and one of TikTok's famous users. You can check for yourself on the boy profile through the link.

6. Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius is another teenager who ventured into TikTok early on. The 16-year-old boy not only uses the app to perform voiceovers, as he has already enjoyed his success at TikTok to launch his career in the music industry.

You can download check out more of what he does through Jacob's official in-app profile.

7. Jannat Zubair Rahmani

On the other hand, we have Jannat Zubair Rahmani, a teenager with over 20 million followers on TikTok. Unlike many, she started her entertainment career well before entering the app.

She has been an actress since she was 8 and now has one of India's most popular profiles. Over there you will find many videos with voiceovers of famous music and songs produced by the girl. Check out more through the link.

8. JiffPom

Our next TikTok profile recommendation is also the cutest on the list. We say this because JiffPom is a German-spitz breed puppy that is more successful than most humans in the app.

His videos consist of him being cute while a famous song plays in the background. Nothing better than this to gain 20 million followers. Check out more through the link.

9. Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar is another Indian user who has drawn a lot of attention. The cool thing is that he doesn't use TikTok just for dubbing music videos.

Your biggest focus will show parts of your original dance choreographies. He has already gained 20 million followers, so it's worth checking out his official profile.

10. Jayden Croes

famous users of tiktok jayden

Since we mentioned Gilmher Croes earlier, it's also worth talking about your brother Jayden Croes. The two have made a lot of videos together, but today they have separate TikTok accounts.

In this case, Jayden has been making music videos since 2015. Since then, he has managed to gather about 19 million followers. You can check more through your in-app profile.

11. Fold Twins

As we talk about going on TikTok, there is no way of not mentioning the profile known as Bend Twins. This profile consists of twins Lucas and Marcus Dobre, who have been making videos together for some time and have also become famous TikTok users.

It's cool that they make videos with a very different content. You can see vlogs, skits and even gymnastics performances. If you were curious, you can check more through the link.

12. Arishfa Khan

Another child actress who started making videos on TikTok is the Indian Arishfa Khan. She started her career at age 9, but at 16 who is at the height with her voice acting videos.

The success of 18 million followers was such that she even created a YouTube channel. The difference is that he is more focused on makeup. You can check out more of your videos on the TikTok profile.

13. Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur began to become more famous after taking part in a dance reality show in India. Since then, she has been drawing even more attention with her choreography and voice acting on TikTok.

She has about 17 million followers, so it's worth taking a look at her profile. You can do this via the link.

14. Garima Chaurasia

Another Indian who is among TikTok's famous users, Garima Chaurasia has 17 million followers in the app. Surprisingly, she gained more fame this year after one of her videos went viral.

Overall, she makes a lot of videos by dubbing known songs and dancing. You can check it out more through the link of your official profile.

15. Lauren Godwin

Lauren Godwin is one of the famous TikTok users worth checking out. Its content varies between comic sets and music videos like most people who use the app.

She also makes a lot of videos with Sebastian Bails, another popular user. You can check more through your TikTok profile.

16. Holly H

Already Holly H already had a certain success in the extinct Vine, but now accumulates more than 16 million followers. As you can tell she is also among the famous users of TikTok.

Their videos consist of voice acting, dancing and even some comic skits. You can check this out and more in your official app profile.

17. Savannah Soutas

A little different from most of the famous TikTok users we have shown here, Savannah Soutas is the mother of a very popular family on the internet. Her husband was well known on Vine and the couple have a successful YouTube channel.

Only on TikTok, she has over 15 million followers. There, most of her videos have a more humorous focus and usually involve her, her husband and their children. Check out more by visiting the link.

18. Annie LeBlanc

Since we are talking about famous TikTok users who have YouTube channels, it is also worth mentioning Annie LeBlanc. She made her name on her family's YouTube channel, which has more than 7 million subscribers.

But it was by starting and then TikTok that it reached over 14 million followers of its own. You can check her videos on her profile in the app.

19. Danielle Cohn

Having started making his videos at age 13, Danielle Cohn has over 15 million followers today. Despite having very interesting and funny videos, the girl has already been involved in some polemics.

This includes inventing rumors of getting married and pregnant with her boyfriend at age 15 to get more attention and followers. If you want to see your videos, just check out more by clicking on the link.

20. Lucky Dancer

Lucky dancer

Known on TikTok as Lucky Dancer, Arhan Khan is one of TikTok's famous users. He started making videos when he was just 14 years old, showing his dancing steps.

The fame has become so great that today, at age 17, he gives even dance workshops in India when he has some time left. You can check your choreography by accessing your TikTok profile.

Did you enjoy meeting the famous users of TikTok?

Could you take a look at our list to see some of the famous TikTok users worth following? Be sure to check out more tips on the social network of the moment by knowing the 5 essential applications for those using TikTok!