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20 Commands You May Need

Linux commands

Basic commands that can be useful any day: lime show current month calendarcd name directory change. Example: cd / xerxeslins / Downloads. If you do not specify the directory, it goes to the personal directory.clear clean terminalgives you show datedf -h shows the use of HDexit close the terminalifconfig – show IP and other network informationls -a current directory content listmkdir name create a directory with the specified namepwd show current directoryrm name delete a file with the specified namermdir name delete a directory with the specified nameshutdown -r now (as root) restart the machinetop show memory usage, processor and others (press q to exit)touch name create a file with the specified nameuname -a show system informationuptime show time the machine is on who show who is logged inwhoami tell who youxkill after typing click in a window to end the process. Good for closing crashed programs.

Source: Long Live Linux

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