20 Best WhatsApp Status Pranks

WhatsApp Status is a great way to give life updates to all your contacts, but it can also be used to prank WhatsApp status, one of the best apps of the decade, to have fun with your friends.

If you're interested in doing this, keep reading our article, where we list several of the best games to share and laugh. Click the link to download WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone.

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1. Mathematical Test

Here's a math game that tests your friends' ability to make calculations. It has three tools, each representing a number, and the goal is to find out how much each is worth to get the result.


Spoiler: the right answer 51.

2. House, Wood, Kiss

An older game that precedes relationship apps has been converted to pranks for WhatsApp status. She has several options, such as getting married, kissing, killing, dating and others.

To do so, post the image in status and ask friends to send you a number. Then respond in status to the assignments for each number!

home kills kisses pranks for WhatsApp status

3. I am more than

This is one of the simplest pranks for WhatsApp status. It is an easy way for you to express your personality to your contacts. Just put the image in status, circling the options that fit you best.

I'm more than

4. Logic Test

This one for you to find out which tank will fill first, out of all options. Post to your status and ask your friends to give you the answer by message, or post the right alternative!


Spoiler: the tank number 1.

5. Self Esteem

Here is one of the great pranks for WhatsApp status. It is meant to encourage you to see the positive sides of yourself and share it with all your friends and contacts. To use it, just fill in all fields and post it in status.

Self-esteem pranks for WhatsApp status

6. Opinion on your profile photo

With this joke, you can find out what everyone thinks about your profile picture, whether they think you are serious, funny or anything else. Just post the image in status and ask your friends to answer you in private.

Opinio foto pranks for WhatsApp status

7. Future Plans

This joke is meant to encourage or force you to think about your future desires to try to ensure that you will reach your goals. To use, just fill in the fields in the photo, aged, where you want to live and more and then post in status.

Playful plans for WhatsApp status

8. Who knows you?

Another one of the best pranks for WhatsApp status is to show you who your real friends are, who really knows you. There are 11 questions, such as full name, birthday, team, if you prefer cold or hot, among others. Post in status and wait for answers in private!

Who Knows Jokes for WhatsApp Status

9. Awkward Situations

Post this image in your status to reveal several awkward situations you've been through. With this, you can make fun of yourself in a very relaxed manner and laugh at your friends.

Embarrassing Pranks for WhatsApp Status

10. Ideal Crush

If you want to make it clear to all your contacts what kind of people you are interested in, this is one of the best pranks for WhatsApp status. Fill in all the fields and share in your status, so everyone knows everything about your preferences.

Ideal Crush

11. Find out what they think about you

That's a risky joke: With her, you'll find out what all your friends think about you. They should privately send you a percentage for each of the categories.

think about you jokes for WhatsApp status

12. I am currently loving

Here you can easily share the things you like a lot right now, such as series, drinks and music, making it clear to your friends what you enjoy most.


13. You already

With this joke you can talk about some things that have already happened to you, share your experiences, and ask your contacts to respond with their own.

You are already kidding for WhatsApp status

14. Childhood Play

This is one of the best pranks for WhatsApp status, in which you can share experiences you had when you were young. It is guaranteed that you will laugh at everyone and learn more from the people who matter.

Childhood pranks for WhatsApp status

15. Netflix Lovers

With this joke, you can tell everyone your favorite Netflix series so you can find out who to talk to about them. This image has many of the best known, so you're sure to find someone to talk to about the latest episodes.

Netflix Lovers Pranks for WhatsApp Status

16. My PMS

This joke is only for those who are menstruating and intent on turning something rather bad into a slightly more fun experience. Here, you should paint your head with colors, representing how you generally feel at this time.

TPM pranks for WhatsApp status

17. My reaction when

Another great prank for WhatsApp status is where you should place an emoji next to each option, telling you how you feel in each situation.

my reaction jokes to the status of whatsapp

18. Music

This is a joke for you to share which songs have what effects on you, telling you which calms you down, which makes you happy, which is a movie's favorite soundtrack and more.

music "width =" 610 "height =" 1072 "srcset =" https://www.apptuts.br/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/musica-cke.jpg 610w, https: // www. apptuts.br/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/musica-cke-583x1024.jpg 583w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 610px) 100vw, 610px "src =" https: // www.apptuts.br/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/musica-cke.jpg "/></p>
<h2 id=19. Soap Play

In this joke, your friends must guess which soap operas are represented in the image, based on the emojis used in them. It can be quite nostalgic, and certainly quite fun. The answers below:

soap operas for WhatsApp status

  1. Carousel
  2. The ten Commandments
  3. The Carnation and the Rose
  4. Brazil Avenue
  5. Cattle King
  6. Chocolate with pepper
  7. Faces and mouths
  8. Angel's face
  9. Malhao
  10. Student heart
  11. Snakes and Lizards

20. 40 Things to Do Before You Die

We came to the last of the whatsapp status jokes. Here you should mark all the things you have done, signaling how you activate your life.

40 things

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