20 aplicativos para baixar livros online grátis no celular

20 apps to download free online books on your phone

Anyone who loves to read books knows that nowadays it is much easier to maintain this habit with ebooks. That is, download free online books to read on your cell phone, tablet, PC or on an eReader dedicated to that. The good news is that there are many apps for smartphones and tablets that you can use not only to read, but also to download these ebooks and even Audiobooks.

If you're curious and want to know which apps you can use to download free online books, just check out our list today. We present some of the best options you can try below!

1. Kindle

kindle app

It's hard to make a list of apps to download free online books without mentioning the Kindle. You may know the eReader of the same name, but Amazon also has a mobile app for anyone who wants to read ebooks on any device.

It can be used to download free online books directly from the Amazon website, but remember that many of their books are paid. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you don't even have to worry about it, since thousands of books are free for subscribers.

The good thing is that you can also use the app to read ebooks of various formats and downloaded from anywhere. You can check out more and download the app by accessing the link.

2. Scribd

Our next suggestion among apps to download free online books is Scribd. This platform offers a wide exposure of authors and titles chosen by the editors of the company itself.

Other than that, it also has synchronization between devices, allowing reading to continue even when changing devices. You can try the free service for up to 30 days. Access the site and download it for iPhone and Android.

3. Wattpad

Wattpad is another good alternative for applications to download free online books. With the app installed, users can choose between different categories, find famous books and even share their own stories with others.

The cool thing is that many books can be accessed even when you have no Internet connection. Visit the official website and download the application for Windows, iPhone or Android.

4. Bluefire Reader

You may have heard of Bluefire at some point, as it is one of the most popular apps for downloading books online for free. It is a very complete app that works well on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The cool thing is that you can still import the ebooks you have without too many difficulties, after all, the app offers good support for several formats. Bluefire Reader can be downloaded at the following link.

5. Google Play Books

ebooks on google play books

Well, it's pretty obvious that Google Play Books is a great option for anyone who has an Android smartphone. After all, this is the simplest way to buy or download books for free through the Google Play Store.

The app itself is completely free and can be used to download and read ebooks. While many of the books on the Google Play Store are paid for, there are always free offers for there. You can download Google Play Books by visiting the link.

6. Bookari

Bookari already functions as an online digital book store, but can also be used as an eReader if you already want to have everything in one application.

The best thing is that you can sync your account across multiple devices, which makes using it much simpler regardless of the device you're using. You can download the app through this link.

7. FBReader

The FBReader is not very different from the others, but here is a good alternative. It is very simple, can be downloaded for free and allows you to download various ebook formats.

If you already have some books saved on your PC, it is also very easy to use the app to import them to your phone or tablet. The app can be found at the link.

8. Kobo

Kobo is an app very similar to the Kindle, as it also has a store full of ebooks that you can buy and download at any time.

The coolest thing is that it offers several language options and allows you to synchronize your dropbox account or other cloud services with it. You can download this app through this link.

9. Aldiko

Aldiko is another app well known to the Android audience. After all, it was installed by default on several smartphones in the past and continues with a loyal audience of users.

It allows you to download and read books quite easily and at no cost. If you are interested and want to know more, just check the link below.

10. Cool Reader

download books online free cool reader

Cool Reader is another recommended app for downloading free online books. It does not have an interface as beautiful or intuitive as some more modern applications, but it does have its qualities.

A good example that it supports many different file formats and that we don't always find in other apps. The application itself is free and can be downloaded from the link.

11. Nook

The Nook is another that looks a lot like the Kindle, as it offers similar services. It basically has its own virtual store of books, magazines and popular newspapers.

Quite a lot of your paid content, but you can always find free ebooks to read. One of his positive points is that he has his own dictionary, which can be useful when reading an older book. You can download Nook by clicking here!

12. Mantano Ebook Reader

Mantano Ebook Reader is another great application to download or synchronize your digital books on your smartphone. It is fast, lightweight and even supports different ebook formats.

It is very easy to use and has very advanced options to make reading as pleasant as possible. the Mantano Ebook Reader can be found at the link.

13. Moon + Reader

One of the most popular reading apps today, Moon + has several personalization options and still reads almost all existing ebook formats.

There is a free version and a paid version for those who want more options, but both are well worth it. Moon + is available for download at the link.

14. MobileRead Forums

MobileRead Forums delivers the experience that the name promises. It is a forum for people interested in digital books and eReaders for mobile devices.

There you will find hundreds of free books on the website, which can be downloaded in formats such as epub, mobi, txt and PDF. You can access MobileRead Forums with the link.

15. iBooks

Since we mentioned an application that was installed on Android devices, we couldn't stop talking about the app that comes on iOS devices. IBooks one of the best in this category even today.

You can use it to download books through your own ebook store. It offers thousands of options, so it's easy to find the books you're looking for. If you don't have it yet, it can be downloaded from this link.

16. PocketBook Reader

PocketBook Reader is one of the simplest and lightest options, in case you are not so concerned with personalization or advanced reading options.

Precisely for this reason, it is one of the easiest to use and still reads many of the most popular ebook formats. If you are looking for something very minimalist, download the PocketBook Reader here.

17. ManyBooks

A good alternative for those looking for a place with a vast collection of free ebooks, ManyBooks, which currently has more than 33,000 digital books in its virtual library.

The cool thing is that you can search your books by literary genres, authors, different languages, titles, etc. You can check ManyBooks through this link.

18. Prestige eReader

One of the most interesting options among the apps to download free online books is the eReader. This is an app for reading eBooks exclusive on Google Play and that offers more than 1 million different books.

Many are available in up to 25 different languages ​​and it is possible to download no less than 50,000 free books. Other than that, its very pleasant interface and simulates a real bookcase. You can check out more at the following link.

19. Oodles

Oodles is one of the best apps to download books online for free. Its only disadvantage is that it only offers content in English, but that can still be great for those learning the language.

It is also legal for those looking for certain books in the original version, which can be quite interesting in the case of classics. Fortunately, once downloaded, your books can be accessed even without an Internet connection. It is possible to download the app on iOS and Android.

20. OverDrive

Finally, we have OverDrive as a recommendation to download free online books. It can be used to download regular ebooks, but it also offers the option of audiobooks for those who prefer this format.

It is just a little more restrictive in its use, as it works in a similar way to a digital library. If you are interested and want to check out more, just take a look at their official website.

Did you like the apps to download free books online?

Did you take advantage of our list to find out about some apps to download free online books on your smartphone? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you found and which one you found most interesting.

And if you want a service to download books online at any time, Amazon Prime's recommendation again. You get multiple delivery benefits, content by streaming and free ebooks. Check out more by accessing the link.