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2 Player Reactor | AndroidPIT

Today's app is a game in which you can prove your ability to react to your opponent. Who of you faster, better and more concentrated? The game is called 2 Player Reactor. Want to know more about it? Read our review.

Today's review of a high school student, Paulina Gegenheimer, an Android aficionado.

Functions & Usage

As the app's name implies, this is a game for two smartphone game enthusiasts. You and your opponent must face each other in short matches. And each victory means an accumulation of points, which are stored automatically.

When you start the game, the home screen provides instructions on how to play on each of the subsequent screens. In total there are only 19 games to choose from, 12 free and the others can be purchased, including a four player extension. All of this, of course, on Google Play.

Some games contain:Match color and word: the color names appear. Each word has a different color and does not match the color it represents. As soon as a word appears that matches the color represented, players have to touch the screen as quickly as possible.

The mouse and the cheese: There is a maze and on each of its sides an element: of one, a mouse, of another, a piece of cheese, as well as empty spaces. Players have to find out where the mouse is and see if they are correctly following the path to the cheese. If the mouse arrives on the cheese, the player must touch the screen.

Is the equation correct ?: The screen displays mathematical equations and if it is correct, players should touch the screen.

In general, the rules of the game are quite simple: the fastest gets points. The slower loses them.

In our opinion, 2 Player Reactor is a brilliant game. There are not many games that offer a multiplayer option and, if so, almost always with virtual opponents.

Screen & Controls

The screen splits in two. Each player has a part. If you ever want to pause the game, you can set the phone to standby so that the game pauses automatically.

When you start 2 Player Reactor, you can make configuration changes. You can designate how many points get the winner, how many games should be played and whether the games should appear randomly.

Once the setting is adjusted, just click Play and the fun begins. The graphics of the game are relatively simple, not wonderful, but very suitable for the game. Interesting are the brief and concise instructions that appear before starting the game. For those who do not like long and long instructions, a great one.

Speed ​​& Stability

The speed of the 2 Player Reactor is satisfactory. Reacts instantly and takes no time to load. During our tests, no stability issues were found.

Price / Performance Ratio

The 2 Player Reactor Free. The four-player version, in turn, costs 1.99 or $ 5.27 on the Android Market.