2 million euros support new Vodafone call center in Covilhã

يكلف مركز الاتصال للضمان الاجتماعي 8 ملايين يورو حتى عام 2014

A new Vodafone contact center was opened in Covilhã today. The structure will create 300 new jobs for now, which could grow to 500 by 2010.

The structure benefits from an investment of 2 million euros shared by Vodafone, Teleperformance (outsourcer responsible for managing the operation) and the Municipality of Covilhã.

Vodafone estimates indicate that the new center will receive an answer to 10 percent of the approximately one million calls received by the operator.

IP technology is at the base of the center’s communications, which in this way guarantees the provision of integrated telephone, email and chat services with customers, as highlighted in a press release.