MyWay jumps from the Net to the TV

2.5 million songs to listen to on Myway in April

MyWay jumps from the Net to the TV

Myway’s music catalog will soon feature 1.5 million new themes, adding to more than one million already available. But these are not the only news. The portal, which allows the creation of personal playlists since this week, is finalizing the subscription service, which should be launched by June.

«We will have a lot to present», suggests Carlos Marques, from Waymedia, a company that manages Myway, which promises a pioneering solution in Portugal, with an interactive format for the Web and mobile.

At the moment it is announced the extension of the list of themes available to listen, which will increase from around one million to 2.5 million in April, a number that was expected to reach only in 2011, Carlos Marques told TeK, but which will grow a lot again coming soon.

The reinforcement announced now was due to the agreement established with The Orchard, considered one of the largest aggregators of independent publishers, among which the Portuguese Farol, Iplay, Vidisco and Espacial.

This week, Myway fulfilled one of its initial promises, by providing the functionality of creating personal playlists, allowing users to build their list song by song.

Myway was launched in February, and required pre-registration, but access is currently free. In the first month of operation – in a closed regime – the portal had 70 thousand unique users and 40 thousand accounts created, numbers that according to Carlos Marques, should have doubled during the month of March.