2.5 million Kinect units sold

Kinect sells 8 million and prepares news

Microsoft has again released data on sales of its new motion sensor for Xbox. Less than a month after the launch of the game console accessory, the American company has already managed to sell 2.5 million units of Kinect.

The figures were released in the aftermath of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the United States, two days of shopping at special prices, which traditionally give the starting shot for Christmas shopping in the country, taking advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The new data shows that Microsoft is managing to sell Kinect at an average rate of 100,000 units per day, which, if maintained, may allow the company to meet or even anticipate the goal set by the end of the year: 5 million units sold.

It is recalled that ten days after the beginning of the commercialization of Kinect, Microsoft revealed numbers, pointing sales of one million units of the sensor that allows to play console with only the body. Releases data 25 days after the product arrives on the market.

The competition also revealed some data in the meantime. Nintendo said that during Black Friday week it sold 900,000 DS units and 600,000 Wii units. About Move, a Wii-style controller, Sony has just revealed that sales reached 4.1 million units in the first two months of marketing.