Apritel تستعد موقفها بشأن توصيات الترويكا

2.5% increase in mobile phone tariffs under review by the AdC

Apritel تستعد موقفها بشأن توصيات الترويكا

In March of this year, Optimus, Vodafone and TMN raised the prices of mobile phone tariffs, an almost simultaneous decision that the Competition Authority (AdC) is investigating. The results should be released soon, said Manuel Sebastião, president of this entity yesterday.

The values ​​were updated at the beginning of March, with TMN being the first to move forward, applying the new prices on the 2nd, while Vodafone and Optimus only changed prices a few days later.

At the time, operators confirmed that the tariffs had not been updated for almost a year, since July 2008, when prices were reduced due to the drop in VAT from 21 to 20 percent. The last price rise was in 2004.

Despite this information, in July a study by Citigroup indicated that the average value of calls from mobile phones had risen 5% in the last three months. The analysis indicated that the average subscription fee (postpaid tariffs) had risen 1.9 euros to a value of 40.3 euros per month, a number that places Portugal in the fourth place in the table of the most expensive, among the 14 main European markets.

In the prepaid tariff segment, Portugal also remained among the most expensive in Europe, in third place. The average price of the three operators was 28.4 euros.