2.29 million subscription TV users

أكثر من ستة عملاء من أصل 10 يختارون الألياف في التلفزيون المدفوع

At the end of last year there were 2.29 million TV subscribers. The number represents a growth of 75 thousand subscribers compared to the previous quarter, driven by the growth of Direct to The Home technology (satellite) and technologies over xDSL / IP. According to data from Anacom, cable represents 65 percent of accesses by subscription, DTH 26 percent and the remaining technologies (including TV services over xDSL / IP, FWA and fiber) 10 percent.

The same data shows that, for the first time, in the last quarter of 2008 the number of cable subscribers decreased slightly (0.7 percent), although Anacom stresses the fact that the statistics were produced with provisional data from one of the operators, so they may be changed. This decrease is most visible in Lisbon. In contrast, the northern region was the only one where the number of subscribers to the service continued to increase.

Accesses via DTH increased 4.5 percent over the previous quarter, while the sum of accesses to subscription TV using xDSL / IP, FWA and fiber increased 36 percent to a total of 224 thousand customers. The number of subscribers to digital cable services also continues to increase. At the end of the year, it stood at 600 thousand, about 39 percent of the universe of cable subscribers.

The number of cabled households in the same period was almost double the number of households with TV services: 4.27 million, 30 thousand more than in the previous quarter and 230 thousand more than at the end of 2007.

The penetration of subscription TV services reached 40.9 percent of the population at the end of 2008.