1st phase of return to Apple Park; reopening of stores in Europe and more

Coronavirus: 1st phase of return to Apple Park;  reopening of stores in Europe and more

Here we have one more update of Apple’s activities in the midst of the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). Earlier this week, we reported that some company employees had returned to the campuses of the company in Cupertino under some restrictions; now, we will see that the company has an even more detailed plan for the return of its employees to the Apple Park.

We will also follow which Apple Stores recently reopened their doors and an update to the COVID-19 screening app / website.

Return to Apple Park

As we said, earlier this week some information emerged that Apple’s hardware and software engineers had returned to campuses Cupertino – including Apple Park and Infinite Loop. Now, the Bloomberg had access to a statement sent to Apple employees that better explains the resumption of face-to-face activities.

As expected, Apple will proceed with a multi-phase plan to start welcoming its employees to Apple Park, with the first scheduled for the day 15th of June (next Monday). The other phase is expected in July, but the company’s plans may change as the pandemic advances.

According to information, employees were warned that the first phase of return will be «very limited» and people will only be able to enter the campus on specific days, depending on the position they occupy. For Apple offices outside the Silicon Valley region, the schedule for the first phase of resumption of activities began in May, also according to Bloomberg.

Despite the security measures already released (such as temperature measurement, wearing a mask and social distance), Apple is getting employees to return to their offices earlier than other tech giants. Facebook and Google, for example, plan to allow most employees to work remotely by the end of this year. Amazon, on the other hand, will allow its employees to work from home until the beginning of October – while Twitter plans to make the best way of working available to employees.

Store reopening

Apple continues to gradually reopen its retail stores worldwide, with the company’s units in Netherlands and on Sweden resuming activities starting today.

At all reopened points, the company is strictly following security measures, such as social distance and reduced opening hours. Apple also requires all employees and customers to wear masks within the store.

With that, Apple has reopened more than 300 of its 510 stores worldwide – although some locations in the United States have closed their doors again due to anti-racism protests across the country.

Among the countries where all of the company’s stores remain closed are the United Kingdom, Brazil and Singapore, in addition to the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Sorting tool update

Apple updated its COVID-19 screening tool with an option for users to anonymously share research data (such as age, symptoms, etc.) with Apple, state public health agencies and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ). The information is TechCrunch.

Apple said the information collected will be used to improve the tool and better understand the spread of COVID-19. In addition, it ensures that no personally identifiable information will be shared, such as name or phone number.

If you choose to share your responses, they will be provided to Apple in a way that does not personally identify you. Apple will provide reports to the CDC and state official public health agencies. Only information that is not identifiable will be provided to CDC and the agencies. This means that no information that can identify you or your individual responses to the tool will be included. Information about the pre-existing conditions you select will also not be shared; only the ones you have selected.

Apple’s screening tool, available on both the web and the App Store, allows users to answer a series of questions about risk factors, exposure to COVID-19 and symptoms to receive CDC recommendations on social detachment and self-isolation, how to closely monitor symptoms, etc.

It is worth noting, however, that the tool is only available in the USA and for people over 18 years old.

Apple COVID-19 app icon

Apple COVID-19

in Apple

Compatible with iPhones

Version 4.1 (17.1 MB) Requires iOS 13.1 or higher?? Not available on the Brazilian App Store!

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac