1st league matches live on Meo Mobile

Tablets and smartphones replace Meo command

During the sporting season now beginning, Meo Mobile will bring to the mobile phone one game a week from the main clubs in the 1st League. The owner of the service explains in a statement that the novelty is a way to diversify the offer of sports content on the platform.

To access the service provided by TMN, it is necessary to subscribe to the TV offer on Mobile, available for 0.93 euros per day or 2.06 euros per week, for unlimited access to the entire channel offer.

The service is accessed through the internetnotelemĂłvel portal, available at m.tmn.pt. there the user must select the Meo Mobile option.

TMN’s offer of sports television content is also comprised of Eurosport, Chelsea TV, Barc TV, Inter Channel, Manchester United TV and Real Madrid TV.

In the generalist channels available, content of the genre is also shown, such as the 72nd Volta a Portugal by bicycle, which the operator makes available on the mobile phone, the result of a partnership with RTP Mobile.

Meo Mobile’s offer is also made up of information, children’s, entertainment, music and adult content channels, which join the national and sports channels, in a range of options that is also common to the offers of competitors Vodafone and Optimus.