1st instance processes with online circulation starting today

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

As of today, the approximately 19 thousand agents who work with the country’s first instance courts will be able to use the CITIUS computer program to circulate procedural documents and documents related to legal proceedings.

The system has been used as a pilot in the courts of Sintra, but today it leaves that condition to extend to more than 300 courts across the country and a potential number of pleadings sent annually that exceeds 550 thousand.

The system can be used for all civil declaratory actions, including guardianship proceedings, executive actions and precautionary measures and will be available to a potential number of 19,000 judicial agents, who will allow time savings, and from September on, of money.

According to the Ministry of Justice’s estimates as of September, the use of the computer program will allow savings in legal costs between 25 and 50 percent.

In a statement, the MJ stresses that in the two months of pilot use of CITIUS, in Sintra, 2,050 procedural pieces were delivered electronically, about half of the total.

In the same period, 10 training courses were carried out in various parts of the country, in cooperation with law schools and district councils of the Bar Association.

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