1st episode of “Amazing Stories” now available; 2nd season of «Truth Be Told» is confirmed

Apple TV +: 1st episode of “Amazing Stories” now available;  2nd season of "Truth Be Told" is confirmed

If you haven’t watched anything from Apple TV +, it may be time to take control (or your gadget favorite) and check the news of the streaming of videos from Apple!

As we will see below, the company launched the first episode of the long-awaited series “Wonderful stories” (“Amazing Stories”) created / produced by Steven Spielberg.

In addition, Apple renewed the suspense «Truth Be Told»starring Octavia Spencer, for the second season.

Let’s get to the news!

“Wonderful Stories” (“Amazing Stories”)

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After launching the official trailer for “Wonderful Stories” just over a month ago, Apple finally released the first episode of the series created by the acclaimed director.

As we know, the production was one of the first to be confirmed for the Apple TV +, in 2018, when we didn’t even know the official name of the service.

The new Apple series follows the anthology format, that is, a different story for each episode – similarly to the company’s other production, «Little America» – and the series «Black Mirror», from Netflix. The first episode, called “O Porão” («The Cellar»), star Dylan O’Brien («Teen Wolf») and Victoria Pedretti (“You”).

As recalled by Benjamin Mayo, from 9to5Mac, Apple released only a first episode of production; previously, she had stated that she would make five episodes available at once. We do not know, however, whether the new episodes will be released weekly (as done in other productions) or if the company plans to release the rest of the series at once at some other time.

Apparently, Apple showed only one episode of “Amazing Stories” for critics? It sounds like a stupid strategy for a series of anthologies in which each episode is different. Even stranger, Apple released just one episode today, when in the original press release they said they would debut five at the same time.

“Wonderful Stories” was originally shown by NBC, between 1985 and 1987 (and also in Brazil, in the early 1990s, for Rede Globo), receiving five Emmy Awards. We will see if in the hands of the Apple the reboot will gain the same notoriety and success.

«Truth Be Told»

As we said, Apple renewed the series «Truth Be Told» for the second season. The announcement was made in a press release issued yesterday (3/5).

Originally, «Truth Be Told» it was a limited production, but it was designed for several seasons, which will focus on a new story, with new characters.

Nevertheless, Apple said Spencer will be in the second season as the podcaster Poppy Parnell, but the main story will address a new case. Apple’s head of global video development, Matt Cherniss, commented on the announcement:

Octavia’s performance and Nichelle’s story impressed the audience. We are proud of this production and the incredible team behind it, and we look forward to the second season.

Apple released the first season of «Truth Be Told» last December, and all episodes are now available for streaming. There is still no information on when the second season will open.

“Oprah’s Book Club“

The first episode of “Wonderful Stories” was not the only new content on Apple TV + today: a new episode of the production “Oprah’s Book Club”Also aired this Friday. Check out the trailer:

For some reason, however, the only episode released (for now) is # 4, which is the second part of an interview with the author Jeanine Cummins – focusing on the life of Latinx that have been reflected in the work «American Dirt».

Apple is likely to release episode # 3 (the first part of the sequence) soon. ??‍♂️